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Hyundai i10 colours guide and prices

When it comes to choosing a colour for our new cars, many of us flirt with the idea of some of the weird and vibrant options printed in the brochure. Then we usually wimp out and opt for silver, white or black like everyone else, so it’s hard to criticise Hyundai for offering a somewhat limited range of colours on a car like the excellent Hyundai i10.

As you’d expect, Hyundai does offer us the choice of no-cost solid colours as well as metallic and pearl at considerable extra cost. But those looking for a little colour in their lives may not find much to like here – particularly since Hyundai discontinued the i10′s two brightest shades, Montano Blue and Sweet Orange. You might be able to find both on dealer forecourts, but neither are available to buy new.

Scroll through our guide and let carwow help you choose the ideal shade for your new i10.

Solid colours

These are the staple of any car range, particularly inexpensive city cars like the i10. Two solid colours are offered, and as with most of Hyundai’s competitors, there’s no extra charge if you go with one of these.

Pure White (£0)

It may not have been the case even a few years ago, but no manufacturer’s range is complete today without the option of some sort of white paint. Although some car makers, such as Volkswagen, take advantage of the current fashion for white by making it a pearlescent cost-option, it’s still a free-of-charge choice on the current i10.

Morning Blue (£0)

Morning Blue looks fairly understated on Hyundai’s configurator but in the flesh it’s a little lighter – approaching a denim-type shade. It’s not as depressing as some dark, flat blues tend to be and it’s unlikely to have too much of an effect on resale value. The i10′s metallics stand out a little more, though.

Metallic colours

There are just two different metallic colours to choose between on the new Hyundai i10, and it’s fair to say they aren’t the most exciting shades. Hyundai does offer a pearlescent option should you want something a bit more interesting.

Sleek Silver (£495)

While some colours look great on small cars and other suit bigger models, a normal silver with no subtle additions like Sleek Silver is always a winner. Yes, some may now shy away from this type of choice because it’s so common, but few colours are as universally accepted as silver and that’s unlikely to change.

Stardust Grey (£495)

Stardust Grey is a great shade on the i10. It’s as stylish as black, but wears city dirt almost as well as silver does. For a small car like the i10, Stardust Grey lends the car a real air of class, particularly when paired with a smart set of alloy wheels.

Pearlescent colours

The use of small, uniform flakes of mica rather than aluminium is what sets pearl apart from metallic paint. While metallic gives a uniform finish, pearl will appear to change when you look at it from different angles and in different lights. Hyundai has just one pearl option to select.

Black Diamond (£495)

Many manufacturers offer a solid black in their palettes, but Hyundai makes you pay £495 on its diminutive city car. However, this stunning pearl finish looks fantastic, especially when coupled with the range-topping 15-inch alloys shown in Hyundai’s promotional materials.

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Hyundai i10

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