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Mercedes S-Class Saloon, Coupe and Cabriolet colours guide and prices

The Mercedes S-Class has a history of setting the standard for extreme luxury and state-of-the art technology. It is now available as a four-door saloon, an elegant two-door coupe and a gorgeous convertible.

If this is the perfect car for you, and you’re now deciding on a colour, remember that whatever you choose for will have a real impact on how regularly you’ll need to clean your car and how easy it’ll be to sell on. All model lines – including the high performance AMG versions – are available in 11 colours.

If you’re looking for a great deal on a luxurious coupe or saloon, our Mercedes S-Class car configurator is here to help. If different colour options are leaving you a little confused, our paint types guide makes for essential reading.

Metallic colours

Anthracite Blue – £0

This intense navy blue is very dark and offers a more colourful alternative to traditional black shades. Not only should it conceal dirt far better than lighter colours but it should be popular with prospective second hand buyers.

Cavansite Blue – £0

Although brighter than the Anthracite shade, this blue is another smart option that would make a good choice for corporate or fleet vehicles – if you can tempt yourself away from the black option. Not only will it last well between washes, but blue is consistently popular in the second-hand car market.

Diamond Silver – £0

This is a bright silver which certainly won’t frighten off any potential future buyers, indeed, silver is one of Britain’s most popular car colours. The paleness of this version may mean you are cleaning it very frequently, however.

Emerald Green – £0

This is one of the more unusual S-Class colours, which means it may not hold its value as much as a more traditional black or silver one. However, it does an above-average job of hiding grubbiness between washes.

Iridium Silver – £0

This fashionable colour is likely to prove a hit with future buyers, although its brightness may mean more regular cleaning than you’d like – silver may not be ideal if your mileage is high or you’re a rural driver spending a lot of time on mucky country roads.

Magnetite Black – £0

Black is the colour of choice for many official and corporate vehicles because selling them on is usually a doddle and they look super smart – that’s why the majority of S-Class saloons sold are black. The only snag is that some cheaper car washes can leave unsightly swirl marks in their wake – use a good quality one, even if it means paying slightly more.

Obsidian Black – £0

If anything, this is an even deeper, glossier colour than Magnetite Black and should gives your S-Class a very elegant appearance. There’ll be no headaches on the reselling front because black suits the S-Class’s graceful lines down to the ground, and it contrasts nicely with the gloss trims.

Ruby Black – £0

This jewel-like red is a dark shade with faint black tones – It’s nothing if not distinctive. Although it may not be everyone’s first choice, it’s still tasteful, smart and restrained and should do an above average job of hiding dirt.

Selenite Grey – £0

This mid-range mineral grey should do a better job of concealing grime than white or silver alternatives. Grey is one of the swiftest shades to re-sell, so you should face few problems finding a buyer.

Peridot Brown – £0 (S-Class Saloon Only)

This is a rich espresso shade that ought to do a better than average job of concealing grubbiness. It’s not a colour that will top many buyer’s wish-list but it’s stylish and distinctive, nonetheless. You may, however, find yourself waiting slightly longer for a buyer than you’d like.

Special ‘Designo’ colours

Diamond White – £760

This dazzling snow white will be easy to spot on the road, and your S-Class should change hands briskly when the time comes to sell. Just bear in mind that every last fleck of road grime will make its presence felt immediately.

Save money on your Mercedes S-Class

With our Mercedes S-Class car configurator you can get great prices from dealers across the UK. If you’re still not sure what model to buy, take a look at our car chooser tool.

Mercedes S-Class Saloon

A luxurious saloon that’s very comfortable
£74,435 - £188,410
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Mercedes S-Class Coupe

Quiet and comfortable GT car that’s very quick
£104,675 - £128,075
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Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet

Convertible S-Class is stylish and packed with tech
£116,470 - £141,170
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