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Mercedes V-Class colours guide and prices

The Mercedes V-Class is a comfortable people carrier with stacks of interior space. If you’ve set your heart on one, you’ll need to pick a paint colour, which can have a significant impact on how often you’ll be visiting the carwash and how briskly your V-Class changes hands when the time comes to sell it on.

If the choice seems baffling, our colours guide with prices is here to help. The V-Class’ palette offers two solid and five metallic shades. To understand the differences between various paint finishes, our helpful car paint types guide is a must-read.

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Solid colours

Pebble Grey – £0

This smart gunmetal grey is a very popular car colour so there should be no headaches on the reselling front. It’ll hide road grime reasonably well meaning it can cover a fair distance between car washes.

Jupiter Red – £0

This is a dark red, so could be ideal if you want your V-Class to stand out a little. Red is moderately popular with UK motorists, so selling on should be mostly hassle-free. As a more vibrant shade, it won’t hide dirt as well as greys and browns.

Metallic colours

Cavansite Blue – £645

This midnight blue shade is fairly dark meaning it won’t put off many used buyers. It won’t last as long as a grey model between car washes but, even for fairly high mileage drivers, it shouldn’t attract too much muck.

Rock Crystal White – £645

White is one of the most popular colour choices currently making this V-Class a doddle to sell on. The obvious snag, however, is the speed with which your car will show up every last speck of grubbiness – budget for plenty of visits to the car wash.

Obsidian Black – £645

This is a glossy black, giving your V-Class a sleek appearance. Black is one of the UK’s favourite car colours, so selling on a vehicle in this shade should be breeze. Black shows up road grime relatively quickly so be sure to avoid cheap car washes that can leave unsightly swirl marks behind.

Brilliant Silver – £645

This modern-looking, brushed steel silver is a fashionable shade, so finding a used buyer shouldn’t pose any problems. It’s a light shade, so you’ll need to be prepared for frequent cleaning, especially if your mileage is high.

Indium Grey – £645

Darker and therefore more practical than the silver option, this grey should last a fair while between car wash visits. It’s a favoured colour with drivers up and down the country, so prospective used buyers for your V-Class shouldn’t be hard to find.

Save money on your new Mercedes V-Class

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Mercedes V-Class

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