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Peugeot 208 colours guide and prices

Good looking, economical to run and well-equipped, the Peugeot 208 is a compact hatchback offering a great choice of engines

Decided it’s the car for you? Take the time to get the colour spot-on. After all, not only do you have to live with your choice every day, but your decision will affect how easy you’ll find your 208 to sell on, as well as how long it can go between washes.

It is available in three and five-door options and Peugeot offers a number of trim levels. There are two solid colours, five other shades offered for all trim levels, and a further half dozen only available in some trim levels, as explained below.

Here are some pictures of this vehicle in all available colours, alongside with brief descriptions and prices for them all. We also have a car paints guide explaining solid, pearl and metallic shades, if you’re not sure how each of these is different.

Solid colours

Hurricane Grey – £0

Very smart and very dark, this shade should hide the grime of the road for fairly lengthy spells between washes. Smart and conservative, grey is one of the easiest hues to sell on.

Bianca White – £250

A very pure, bright white this and, accordingly, it’s going to show up every last speck of dust. On the plus side, you won’t be waiting around ages for a buyer, since in the UK it’s bought more often than any other available colour. In 2014, white models accounted for over a fifth of all new cars sold.

Metallic and pearl effect colours

Shark Grey – £495

A sleek, smart and dark shade of grey, this is a sensible option if you really put in the driving miles, because it’ll hide dirt well. And, as one of Britain’s most favoured car colours, it won’t be on your hands for long when the time comes to sell.

Aluminium – £495

If you fancy something lighter, take a look at aluminium. Just brace yourself for a few more sessions with the bucket and sponge. Smart and sleek, you’ll also soon find a buyer for a 208 in this colour, given our passion for monochromatic car colours.

Nera Black – £495

Super sleek and glossily smart, black is a hugely popular UK colour choice, and it’s not hard to see why. The colour of ministerial cars and London cabs, it’s looks businesslike – as long as you keep in clean. It’s also one of the easiest colours to sell on, second only to white.

Rioja Red – £495

Quite a deep red this one, though not as vibrant as some reds out there, it’s still fairly bright. You’ll stand out in a traffic jam and it’s certainly a cheery shade.

Orange Power – £495

On offer in the Allure and 208 GT Line models, this is a zingy, metallic tangerine that could well turn heads on the road. But it may prove too bright for some, and it’s an unusual shade that could take longer to sell on.

Virtual Blue – £495

Available in the Allure, Active and 208 GT Line trim levels, this is a mid-blue that looks pretty smart. It won’t sell on with as much speed as a grey, silver, white or black but shouldn’t delay things unduly, either.

Twilight Blue – £495

Offered with Allure, Active and 208 GT Line models, this is a dark navy blue so will hide grime almost as long as black will. Blue is a pretty well favoured car colour, and this one is an especially smart, deep blue, so we wouldn’t envisage lengthy hold-ups when you want to sell your 208 on.

Ice Grey – £645

This dense – almost beige – grey is available on the Active, Allure and 208 GT Line trim levels. One to pick if you don’t want to stand out from the crowd.

Ice Silver – £645

A rather dark silver, this is a sleek colour offered on Allure, Active and 208 GT Line versions of the 208. One of the easiest shades to part company with, you won’t be hanging around for a buyer. Equally, the deep colouring offers grime a hiding place for far longer than lighter choices.

Satin White – £645

Officially the UK’s most popular colour for cars, Satin White makes an excellent choice if you’re not envisaging keeping your car very long. The only obvious snag is that you’ll find yourself making pretty frequent car wash trips or getting the bucket and sponge out on more weekends than you may like.

Save money on the Peugeot 208

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Peugeot 208

A cheap-to-run and stylish supermini
£14,905 - £18,865
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