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Porsche 918 Spyder review – driving an icon

October 17, 2022 by

Mat’s been behind the wheel of the legendary Porsche 918. What did he make of it?

Porsche 918 specs

Engine: 4.6-litre V8 with two electric motors
Power: 887hp
Torque: 1,280Nm
Top speed: 214mph
0-60mph: 2.6 seconds
Years produced: 2013-2015

Price (when new): £780,000

Porsche 918 design

There’s beauty in the simplicity of the Porsche 918. There are no whacky aerodynamics, no overly-aggressive vents – just sleek bodywork with some functional aerodynamic additions.

That said, one of the coolest bits of the 918 is the high-mounted exhaust exits sat directly over the engine bay — a truly exotic inclusion. A giant rear wing also emerges once you switch the 918 to its sportiest modes, adding massive amounts of downforce and a serious cool factor.

Porsche 918 interior

The interior of the Porsche 918 is just as cool as its exterior. The most striking thing has to be the carbon fibre centre console which flows down from the top of the dash to give you a proper cockpit-like experience.

There’s a tiny infotainment screen which no doubt feels outdated now, but for the early ‘10s would’ve been pretty impressive.

One thing that hasn’t aged is the quality, though. Everything feels so impressively put together, and suitably expensive. Aside from a clip-on cupholder, a bit like you’d find in a Mazda MX-5

Porsche 918 driving

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Porsche 918 is how harmonised its hybrid engine setup is. There’s a seamless delivery from the screaming V8 and electric motors, meaning it’s super responsive when you’re putting your foot down.

That’s matched by handling that’s so sharp, despite being an early electric steering system and weighing 1,600kg. Plus, with such a stiff chassis, there’s no need for an overly-harsh suspension setup — making it quite comfortable.

Porsche 918 verdict

If you have the means, go out and find yourself a Porsche 918 Spyder. In the words of Mat, “It’s absolutely brilliant. Enough said.”