10 best Range Rover Evoque alternatives on the market

October 21, 2022 by

After a car like the Range Rover Evoque but want to know what other models you could consider? You’ve come to the right place

The Range Rover Evoque has been a huge success for its Land Rover: offering the comfort, prestige, luxury and off-road ability that has long been associated with the brand, the Evoque makes an exceedingly strong case for itself.

Now in its second generation, the Evoque operates in a crowded part of the new-car market, with numerous rival cars vying for your attention and money.

So whether you’re almost sold on the Evoque and just want confirmation you’ve considered all alternatives, or if someone you know has one and you’d like to be a little different, out 10 recommendations are well worth reading about.

1. Porsche Macan

Best for: handling prowess

Test-driving a Macan is recommended for anyone after a premium mid-size SUV, simply because you are likely to be surprised that so practical and tall a car can handle as well as it does. Indeed, the Macan drives more like a Porsche 911 than an SUV, while the GTS version is even sharper.

2. Volvo XC60

Best for: calm, serene motoring

The Volvo XC60 could not be more different from the Macan: where the Porsche is exciting and prioritises driver involvement, the XC60 offers a far more laid-back approach, with an interior that promises and delivers a reassuring sense of calm. There’s also the smaller Volvo XC40, which offers similar talents.

3. BMW X4

Best for: style, comfort and involvement

The BMW X4 is essentially a more stylish version of the X3 SUV, offering most of its siblings practicality but with a coupe-SUV profile. The X4 offers a good blend of handling prowess and comfort, not being quite as sharp to drive as the Macan, but being more involving than the XC60.

4. Mercedes GLC

Best for: plush luxury

The new Mercedes GLC

Whereas BMW and Porsche are arguably more focussed on driver involvement, Mercedes goes its own way, designing cars that are most certainly good to drive, but promise just a little more comfort and luxury than their rivals. The GLC is a great example of this, being elegant and relaxing, though a new model has only just been launched, so you may need to wait if you’re after the latest version.

5. Audi Q3

Best for: interior and tech

If the BMW X3 and X4 offer a strong blend of handling prowess and long-legged comfort, and the Mercedes GLC is all about offering a taste of the high life, the Audi Q3 takes elements of both those cars, but with a modernist interior and some of the best tech in the business – Audi’s ‘Virtual Cockpit’ digital drivers display is a masterclass in clarity and functionality, for example.

6.Volkswagen Tiguan

Best for: Effortless life

True, the Volkswagen badge may not have the same cache offered by some of the marques in this rundown, but not everyone wants a posh badge, and the VW Tiguan does a great job of offering a high-quality interior and relaxed driving experience, but without shouting about its status. A great all-round family car, hence why you see so many of them about.

7. Land Rover Discovery Sport

Best for: Off-road prowess

If the Evoque isn’t quite floating your boat, the Land Rover Discovery Sport is well worth considering. While perhaps not quite as posh as its sibling, the Disco Sport is highly competent off-road, while the seven-seat layout may well suit families slightly better.

8. Skoda Kodiaq

Best for: Value, space

Having a Skoda in the same list as a Porsche might seem like a strange decision, but we recognise people cross-shop a wide range of brands when looking for a new car, while the Kodiaq is such an excellent machine that it’s impossible not to recommend. With space for seven, a vast boot and lots of equipment, the Kodiaq has much to offer, not least the fact the value-for-money proposition it represents means you’ll get a lot for your money.

9. Tesla Model Y

Best for: acceleration, running costs

Electric cars are increasingly becoming simply ‘cars’ these days, so if you’re in the market for a Range Rover Evoque, do give some thought to whether an EV could be the right choice. The Model Y may not look quite as sleek as the Model 3 saloon, but it makes up for this with greater practicality, while its official range of up to 331 miles is excellent.

10. Lexus UX

Best for: sleek looks, dependability

Being a hybrid means the Lexus UX is a great option if you’re not quite ready to make the switch to electric, but are more than happy to have an electrified car that can spend some of its time in zero-emission battery-driven mode. The UX has a fantastic interior and is effortless to drive, while Lexus’s reputation for great reliability and excellent after-sales car is well deserved. There’s also an all-electric 300e if you change your mind about that EV.

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