The best alternatives to the Range Rover Evoque

Since its release in 2011, the Range Rover Evoque has become a massive sales success for the Land Rover brand. Since 2012, the Evoque has accounted for well over a third of its sales worldwide.

While it’s hard not to fall for the eye catching looks and impressive quality inside, there are a number of other compelling alternatives on the market that offer something a little bit different. We’ve picked out the five best options available to prospective Evoque buyers.

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Porsche Macan

Many buyers choose the Evoque for the prestige of the Range Rover badge. For that reason, the Porsche Macan makes a strong case for tempting the same kinds of buyers.

The Macan feels very impressive from behind the wheel. It’s a much more performance-oriented model than the Evoque, and nowhere is this idea more clear than when comparing the engine lineup. While the most potent Evoque makes do with 236hp, the Macan Turbo has a whopping 400.

The Porsche is still within the budget of most Evoque buyers, too. Before options are applied to either car, the base Macan is £1,500 cheaper than the the 2.0-litre turbo Evoque in mid-range HSE Dynamic trim.

Audi Q5

When it comes to choice, the Audi Q5 has the Evoque well and truly beaten. A range of six different petrol and diesel engines are available, compared to the Range Rover’s three, and all deliver their power to the road via Audi’s quattro four-wheel-drive system.

The Evoque is marginally the more fun from behind the wheel, but the Audi is more than a match in terms of interior quality. With the top spec SQ5 priced at a similar level to the much less potent petrol Evoque, it’s arguably much better value for money, too.

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Land Rover Discovery Sport

If you like the way the Evoque drives but need just a little more practicality, the Land Rover Discovery Sport might be the ideal alternative. Under the skin, the pair share many components, giving them a very similar feel from behind the wheel.

However, the Discovery is longer than the Evoque, and offers the potential to seat seven people. Even in five-seat mode, interior space is much more generous, so too is the boot volume. A pair of diesels (shared with the Evoque) are available, which return a claimed 57.7mpg.

Mercedes GLA

While the Mercedes GLA may have many SUV-inspired styling cues – the roof rails, the body mouldings finished in black plastic, the chunky bumpers – under the skin, it’s almost identical to the A-Class. This helps it to feel more car-like than anything else here, with the added bonus of boasting a smoother ride than the car on which it’s based.

Cabin quality is as fine as you’d hope for from a Mercedes (and on a similar level to the Evoque) and the engine choices both perform strongly and return impressive fuel economy. Those in a hurry can pick for the unhinged GLA 45 AMG which, thanks to a 4.8 second 0-62mph time, is a match for even the most potent Porsche Macan.


While the BMW X3 is the German firm’s most obvious alternative to the Range Rover Evoque, the X4’s sportier appearance makes it the more exclusive choice. From the X4’s driver’s seat, it feels much the same as the X3 – the same well-made interior, the same endlessly adjustable driving position. In the back, cabin and boot space have been traded for a coupe-like profile.

It’s great to drive, with intuitive steering and an agile yet balanced feeling through corners. The three diesel engines are more potent than those found in the Evoque, too.

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