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Top 10 Outrageous Car Inspired Products

From unexpected and innovative through to downright ridiculous, these are our top 10 outrageous car inspired products. Enjoy!

1. Supercar Stilettos


Say hello to this gleaming pair of carbon fibre Lamborghini stilettos. Rendered in 3D by the talentedTim Cooper, these outrageous shoes are based on the Gallardo Superleggera. Lets just pray these are never put into production!

2. Nut and Bolt Wedding Rings


These 24k gold plated brass wedding rings, were designed by artist Kiley Granberg. Perfect for a couple of auto geeks, wouldnt you say?


3. Supercar Laptops


This over-the-top creation comes from art studio MJ, which makes a whole host of other high-end products in exotic animal leathers. Sheathed in black crocodile skin, this exclusive Bentley laptop is also adorned with a solid gold logo. Urgh!


4. Seat Belt Bags


Husband and wife team, the Harveys, are behind these fashionable bags created from recycled seatbelts. A win for the environment!


5. The Wiper Mirror


Its a quirky idea, Ill give it that. Not entirely practical however, since theres no way that windscreen wiper will wipe clean the entire mirror.


6. Sweet Petrol Dreams


Credit: worldhousedesign

For absolute car fanatics, perhaps sleeping in their car is living the dream. The ability to do this in your very own home, rather than out in the streets might make this slightly more acceptable. Or not.


7. Motor Oil Cooking Oils


These are fantastic. Anthonys Mini Garage Winery, an innovative gourmet food and drink brand is behind this mechanically themed line of products. The above are cooking oils (chilli, truffle and garlic) in motor oil cans. They also have a selection of other unique designs, Rose wine packaged in a pink mechanics toolbox and gummy sweets in the shape of washers, nuts and bolts!


8. Recycled Hub Cap Creatures


Brighton-based artist Ptolemy Elrington, who prefers hubcabs from discarded BMW and Mercedes, says my fish try to say things about our wasteful society and about our prejudices towards value. Check out some of his other work, I especially like some of his commissions including a husky, giant turtle, gargoyle and aligator.


9. Supercar Coffee Maker


Handemade in Italy, this Tonino coffee machine features the trademark bull logo as well as a luxury gearstick lever to brew the coffee with. Because Lamborghini are known for their fabulous coffee. Obviously.


10. Lets have a CarBQ


Credit: DaimlerChrysler

Chrysler carried out a marketing campaign a while ago entitled What Can You HEMI, which produced this Hemi engine powered grill which can apparantly cook 240 hotdogs in 3 minutes flat. This then took me on an educational journey involving tailgate parties, tailgate grilling and carBQs. Though my initial thought was only in America, I then found this British site which sells a BBQ set into the front end of a classic Mini. Oh dear.

That completes our Top 10 Outrageous Car Inspired Products!


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