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Toyota Aygo colour guide


When you’re spending a relatively large amount of money on something it’s nice to distinguish that purchase with a little personalisation. But when you’re buying a new car it’s a little daunting to be presented with a list of near-identical shades.

Thankfully, Toyota has kept it simple with the Aygo, which offers just two solid and three metallic paint options in the standard range and a couple of special shades if you’re willing to shell out the extra. Here we give you the lowdown on the Aygo’s colour palette. Which would you choose?


Solid colours

Many of us have grown used to solid paint being a no-cost option over the years, but some manufacturers such as Toyota are now charging for certain solid colours. Even so, it’s still considerably less expensive than metallic and it can also be easier and cheaper to fix if you are unfortunate enough to ding your door or scrape a bollard.

Red Pop (£0)



If you don’t like the idea of paying extra for your paints, Red Pop is your only choice. On a larger car this bright red shade can seem a bit much, but on Toyota’s diminutive offering it’s more than acceptable, and works well with the ‘X’ graphic on the front.

White Flash (£250)



Every car has to have a white option these days, and the Aygo is no exception. If you opt for white on the Aygo though, it will set you back an extra £250. Once again, Toyota’s ‘X’ graphic is a love-or-hate feature, but we suggest going for black for maximum contrast.


Metallic colours

This somewhat limited choice of metallic options will still cover the bases for most people, although it does seem a little strange that there is no black option without stepping up to the ‘x-clusiv’ special edition.

Electro Grey (£495)



Grey is becoming a default colour choice for many cars, but the little Aygo seems to look a little lost in Electro Grey. For those that like the somewhat controversial graphic on the front though, it’s a good way of breaking up the monotone grey and lends the Toyota a moody, sporty appearance.


Deep Blue Buzz (£495)



Of all the current Aygo shades, this deep blue probably does the least for the car – even with the interchangeable coloured front graphic. It’s unlikely to get anyone too excited, and you might find that lack of excitement translates to a lower resale value too.


Silver Splash (£495)



For the moment at least, silver seems to have had its day for many buyers. Here though, the ‘X’ graphic in contrasting black trim gives it real appeal. If the whole car was silver it might look a little boring, but a black X (and other corresponding trim) make the little Toyota look quite sophisticated. White contrast trim doesn’t work quite as well though, we reckon.


Special colours

If you want something other than the colours already covered here you’ll have to step up in spec from the x, x-play or the x-pression, to either the x-cite or the x-clusiv. It could seem like an expensive way to get a different metallic colour, but the special editions do load extra kit into the bargain, and they certainly stand out on the road.

Orange Twist (£495)



Few colours are as polarising as orange, but it’s the only shade available in ‘x-cite’ trim. This one is well worth checking out in the flesh – in sunlight it really pops, and even in duller light it has a deep, reddish-orange hue. Not a colour for the faint of heart, but could be worth it just for the way it livens up the Aygo’s interior! When we tested the Aygo we took some detailed photos of our Orange Twist test car; click here to check them out.

Bold Black (£0)



If you choose x-clusiv spec on your Toyota Aygo, Bold Black is your only colour choice. When clean (and you’ll need to keep it spotless!) black looks good on just about any car. The interchangeable silver ‘X’ graphic does look a little lost surrounded by all that black bodywork, but it looks pretty sophisticated and black is never a bad choice for resale value either.


Find out more

If you want to read more about the Aygo and all its available options, then take a look at our full Toyota Aygo review section, where you will find photos, videos, stats, and a buying guide.

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