Vauxhall Corsa colours guide and prices

The Vauxhall Corsa is a mainstay of UK roads and has been in the top 10 most popular cars effectively since its inception. The latest model sits on a heavily revised version of the previous cars platform and come in 14 different colours.

Small cars often look good in bright, bold colours and the little Vauxhall is no exception – but for those wanting something a little more subdued there are also plenty of colours that’ll help you slip under the radar.


Flame red – (£0)

The basic colour that the Corsa comes in, and the colour featured in most of the initial press shots – flame red gives the Corsa a simple clean look that’s bright and bold without being excessively overstated.

Royal blue – (£0)

Another basic colour – royal blue is a rich hue that’s classically elegant. It’s understated, which means the car should be easy to sell on further down the line, and will be easier to keep clean than one of the lighter shades.


Brilliant paints are Vauxhall’s take on bright solid paints. They’re not metallic, but are a little more eye-catching than the solid colours.

Summit white – (£275)

White is a colour that pings in and out of fashion faster than the tide waxes and wanes. Right now, it’s in so you’d be forgiven for wanting a white Corsa. Will be easy to resell as long as white stays popular – won’t be easy to keep clean.

Limelight green – (£275)

Vauxhall thinks that, in this colour, you’ll be capturing the limelight everywhere – and it certainly is bold. It shows off the Corsa’s looks well, but might not be as easy to resell as one of the more conventional shades.

Flaming yellow – (£275)

Yet another bright colour that shows off the curves and angles of the new Corsa. Yellow is a tricky colour to resell as it’s not very popular so don’t expect to recoup your money when you sell it. Suits the Corsa, though.


Carbon flash – (£545)

Vauxhall must think ‘black’ sounds too subdued for this shade, but don’t be fooled, it’s as black as Henry Ford’s Model Ts. An easy colour to recommend, it’ll be relatively painless to keep clean and even easier to sell on.

Sovereign silver – (£545)

No euphemism here, just simple silver. It might not be the most imaginative colour that the Corsa comes in, but it’ll be a safe bet come resale and it bright enough to show off the Corsa’s distinctive shape.

Pepper dust – (£545)

Somewhere between brown and grey, pepper dust is a attractively understated colour. Many manufacturers are rediscovering brown as a car colour as a slightly less monochrome alternative to grey, silver and black.

Shiny rock – (£545)

Gunmetal grey is another colour that’s recently found plenty of favour with buyers. Arguably, it suits big German saloons better than a little city car but there’s no denying it lends the Corsa a touch of class.

Peppermint green – (£545)

This cross between light green and turquoise is certainly a stand-out colour and makes the most of the Corsa’s swoopy proportions. We’re not sure how this colour will fare on the used market, but it’s safe to say it won’t be as safe a bet as black.


Emerald green – (£545)

Green certainly seems to be a theme with the Corsa’s colour selection and this rich shade compliments the car nicely. The pearlescent effect lends a lot of depth to this paint finish, but it definitely comes at a price.

Darksea blue – (£545)

For our money, we’d avoid this shade and pick the basic blue as it’s fairly similar but much cheaper. That said, this deep blue is certain to have a lot of depth thanks to the pearlescent effect and it should be easy to sell on.

Asteroid grey – (£545)

Another of the Corsa’s darker shades, and one that, despite its ‘grey’ billing, has definite hints of brown in there. That said, it’s a modern, attractive colour that shouldn’t give you much hassle when you come to resell it.

Lime green – (£545)

An iconic colour for the Corsa as it was popularised by the Corsa VXR hot hatch. This in-your-face shade of green suits the Corsa perfectly and we’d struggle to suggest any other colour – just be ready to pay for it.



Sting package doesn’t, regrettably, deposit the Police crooner in your passenger seat. It does, however, give you fetching white wheels and neat white stripes that run the length of the car – it looks great in a contrast colour.

Sting R

The Sting R pack is essentially the same as the Sting pack but brings black wheels and stripes instead. It doesn’t add much to the price but, as we all know, stripes make a car at least five-times faster than stock! Well worth considering.

None of those float your boat?

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