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Volvo XC60 colours guide and prices

The Volvo XC60 is one of the safest and most stylish SUVs on sale, and it’s a great choice if you’re after a family car with a real feel-good factor. You can find out more about it in our in-depth Volvo XC60 review. If you’re thinking of buying one it’s worth checking out the choice of colours it’s available in – so read on for our comprehensive guide of the different shades available.

To read about the differences between solid and metallic paint finishes, read our car paint types guide.

Solid finishes

Ice White – £0

This glossy white paint is the standard colour across the range and will certainly make your XC60 stand out. White is a very popular colour choice at the moment so even though it’s a no-cost option, this colour shouldn’t cause any problems at all when it comes to selling time. However, it’ll need to be cleaned often to keep it looking good.

Passion Red – £0

Definitely one of the bolder colours on this list, the Passion Red hue is only available on R-Design models and probably won’t be a popular choice. That’ll be great if you want your XC60 to stand out from the crowd, but also limits the number of potential buyers when it’s time for an upgrade. It might take quite a bit of cleaning to keep shiny, too.

Black Stone – £350

The other non-metallic paint choice is this classy black hue. It’s not pitch black, instead it has a very slight olive tinge to it and is available on Momentum and Inscription trim levels. This colour will make the XC60 look very smart and could turn heads, while you won’t need to visit the car wash as often as some other shades. Choose this colour and you also won’t have to worry about potential buyers – black cars tend to be very easy to sell.

Metallic finishes

Bright Silver – £650

There are two silver hues available to choose on the XC60 and this £650 option is likely to be the more popular. It’s quite a light colour, meaning it’ll require a bit more cleaning than other shades, but it lends the Volvo a sleek and polished look. The colour is available on all three trim levels, and prospective buyers will flock to this classic shade.

Osmium Grey – £650

This metallic grey hue suits the XC60 well and will let it fly under the radar more than some of the distinctive shades. It can be optioned on all trim levels, and will be very popular in the used car market. Because it’s quite a dark grey, it’ll also wear all but the worst grime quite well and it won’t need to be cleaned so often. It’s the colour Mat Watson picked for his Volvo XC60.

Onyx Black – £650

The second black on this list is a cost extra, but it has a metallic finish so the paint is shinier and will add a sparkle to the XC60. Whether that’s worth the extra £650 is up to you, but a metallic shade could conserve more of the resale value and be more appealing to buyers. However, despite being a dark shade, black paint tends to show all the specs of grime and dirt so a bucket of soapy water will be needed more frequently.

Fusion Red – £650

Fusion Red is a much richer and darker hue than Passion Red, and should look less vivid as a result. It’s a classy colour, but it might not be a popular choice as buyers may be worried about how easy it’ll be to sell. Being a dark shade, it won’t need quite as much polishing and buffing as lighter paint colours.

Pine Grey – £650

Pine Grey is the darker of the grey shades on offer and has a slightly brown tint to it. It’ll make the XC60 look understated and smart while also sparkling when the sun shines on it. The colour will hide a lot of grime so it’s a good choice if going to the car wash isn’t a weekly event. Plenty of used buyers will be after this hue as well, although it’s not available on R-Design models.

Luminous Sand – £650

This shade is another that’s limited to Momentum and Inscription specifications, but that won’t put off many buyers. It’s a silvery colour with hints of sand and beige and suits the XC60 really well – it matches the calming Scandinavian interior. Choose this colour and it should repel more grime than the silver or white shades, but it still might need a fair bit of cleaning.

Mussel Blue – £650

While the R-Design trim adds visual enhancements, it doesn’t give many choices when it comes to paint colours. Once again, this Mussel Blue colour is available on the less-sporty trims and will look sleek on Volvo’s mid-size SUV. It’s likely to get some approving looks and you won’t need to advertise it for long when you sell it, but a light colour like this could need more attention to keep it clean.

Maple Brown – £650

A dark brown could suit the XC60’s subtle good looks and raft of safety equipment. This colour, a £650 option on Momentum and Inscription trims, is fashionable at the moment, but it could prove a harder sell on the used market. On the other hand, speccing Maple Brown will be a good idea if your XC60 is destined to live some of its life off-road or if you don’t want to spend loads of time or money cleaning the car.

Denim Blue – £650

Your £650 could also get you this smoky, sophisticated and handsome Denim Blue colour. It’s one of the darker colours available on Momentum and Inscription levels and won’t need too much scrubbing to keep it looking great. Rest assured that a colour such as this one won’t cause any headaches when it’s time to sell – it’ll be a popular colour with used buyers too!

Premium Metallic finishes

Electric Silver – £950

There’s no doubting this darker silver colour – available on all three trims – will suit the XC60 to a tee and look great, but we’d wonder if it’s worth adding £950 to the price. On sunny days the metallic flakes embedded in the paint will sparkle, but the majority of used buyers won’t be able to tell between this and the less expensive silver. To keep it looking shiny and bright, it’ll also require more cleaning than some other shades.

Crystal White – £950

Compare this £950 paint on the screen with the free Ice White option above and you won’t be able to see much of a difference, which means used buyers won’t be able to either when it’s time to sell. However, when the sun shines on this eye-catching choice, the extra metallic flashes will be noticeable. It’s available across Momentum, Inscription and R-Design specifications, but a bright white colour will show up every single bit of grime and dirt – something to bear in mind if you want to keep it looking its best.

Bursting Blue – £950

Alongside the no-cost Passion Red option, this vivid blue is only available on sporty R-Design cars. This hue seems to suit the XC60 well even though a colour like this normally works best on sports cars and could be a popular choice for those looking to stray from the sea of greys, silvers and blacks. It could prove more difficult to keep clean than darker, less striking shades, while the £950 cost of this option won’t be recouped when the car is sold on. Many buyers could shy away from this colour in favour of a tone that’s thought to be a safer choice.

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