5 Online Ways to Reduce Car Running Costs

Were all for saving money when it comes to cars. Theyre expensive to buy and run, so any ways to save a bit of cash is always welcome with us. Here are a few ways you can reduce how much your car will cost to run and repair, and how to make your car earn a bit of cash for you.

Check local petrol prices

The difference between what petrol stations charge is huge, even within a small area the amount can be as much as 10p per litre. Use a site like PetrolPrices to check where the cheapest garage to you is. Its free to use and you can sign-up to get alerts to where the cheapest fuel is.

Share your journeys

There have been ride sharing websites and apps in the US for ages, but recently lots of companies have sprung up in the UK. While there is no market leader yet, there are a number that seem to have gained decent traction.
What you can do is advertise on the site when youre making a long trip in your car and set how much youd be willing to let someone else join you as a passenger. For example on one site we saw a trip from London to Manchester can earn you 80. Its a great way to save quite a lot of money when youd be making the same trip regardless.

Save money on car parts

Car parts are expensive, even more so if youve got a specialist or rare car. One way of saving money is to use a site to see what breaker yards have in stock. The market leader is BreakerLink who claim prices of up to 80% cheaper than dealers charge.
You put in your car registration number and then select the part you want. Their network of breaker yards check to see if theyve got the part in stock and then you can buy from them. Its easy to use and the testimonials are full of praise for the service.

Rent out your parking space

If youve got a parking space, garage or space on your driveway then try the numerous websites out there that let you advertise it. Gumtree is one way of doing it, but a number of companies specialise in the parking space market. If you live near a big town, sports stadium or train station then you will likely get a lot of enquiries.

Rent out your car

Sites likes airbnb have become popular with people for renting out their spare room, now there are some sites which let you rent out your car to strangers. These sites include insurance, so you dont have to worry about that, you can also see reviews and ratings from other car owners of each user, so theres a lot less risk than renting to strangers.
As a guide, weve seen Audi A4s charging 15 an hour and Ford Mondeos for 225. If you dont use your car regularly then why not give them a try!
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