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What are Kia KX-3 and KX-4 trims?

Compared to some confusing model ranges offered by some car makers, Kia’s system is refreshingly simple – each trim level is numbered from one to four. The larger the number, the more standard equipment it has.

The Sportage and Sorento SUVs gain a KX prefix ahead of the numbers to set them apart from the regular hatchbacks and estate cars elsewhere in the lineup. We’ve taken a look at the larger of the two, the Sorento, to help you figure out which trim you should shell out for.

The Sorento in KX-2 trim is already a very well equipped car. A full leather interior, a reversing camera and a seven-inch touchscreen navigation system are all featured as standard. An extra £3,850 beyond the KX-2’s asking price bags a KX-3, which adds:

The KX-4 is better equipped still. It includes everything offered on the KX-3’s extensive list, plus:

The total cost of these added features comes to £3,400, bringing the total asking price up to £41,000.

With the exception of the added safety systems, few items on the KX-4 seem to be ‘must-haves’ so, unless you really want to impress the neighbours, the KX-3 should do just fine for most.

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