Hyundai Vision FK hydrogen-powered concept revealed – the future of sports cars?

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This is the Hyundai Vision FK, a concept car that shows what a future 670hp hydrogen- and battery-powered hybrid sports car from the South Korean brand could look like. Read on for full details. 

  • Hyundai Vision FK revealed
  • Hydrogen-powered hybrid sports car
  • 670hp from fuel cell/plug-in hybrid
  • 0-62mph in under 4 seconds
  • A range of 375 miles possible
  • More hydrogen-powered cars coming by 2040

Hyundai has revealed its plans to introduce hydrogen power to its entire commercial fleet, as well as in a range of new cars, previewed by this Vision FK concept.

This low-slung two-door coupe gives you an idea of what future high-performance hydrogen-powered sports cars from Hyundai could look like in the future.

Hyundai Vision FK design

The Vision FK may feature some futuristic technology, but its design is clearly that of a relatively conventional sporty two-door coupe.

Obscured by full-body camouflage, the Vision FK looks quite similar to the existing Kia Stinger (Hyundai and Kia are part of the same company) albeit with only two doors and an air intake just ahead of each rear wheel arch.

The front grille and bumper design are very reminiscent of the Kia Stinger, too, although the headlights appear to have been given a few tweaks.

Hyundai Vision FK hydrogen fuel cell and motors

The Vision FK combines a hydrogen fuel cell with a battery pack partly developed by hypercar-builder Rimac.

Dual-motors can alter how much power is sent to each wheel using Torque Vectoring

Together, these power a pair of rear-mounted electric motors (also tweaked by Rimac) that produce around 670hp. This is enough for the Vision FK to sprint from 0-60mph in fewer than 4 seconds.

Hyundai Vision FK range

With a full tank and charged batteries, the Vision FK has 375 miles of range

The Hyundai Vision FK has a 375-mile range with its hydrogen tank brimmed and a fully charged battery – that’s about 75 miles more than you get from a Hyundai Ioniq 5.

Hyundai hasn’t confirmed how long the battery takes to charge, but refuelling with hydrogen takes a matter of minutes – much like filling a car with petrol or diesel.

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Hyundai Vision FK interior

Being a concept designed to showcase the viability of hydrogen power, the interior of the Vision FK has not yet been revealed. If the Stinger-copying exterior is anything to go by, you would expect the interior to be a mildly reworked version of this car’s cabin.

Hyundai Vision FK price and release date

Hyundai hasn’t confirmed whether it’ll put the Vision FK into production, but it’s very unlikely you’ll spot this new sports car in dealerships.

Hydrogen fuel-cell technology is currently very expensive, but Hyundai plans to sell such cars for the same price as comparable battery-powered cars by 2030 – so an affordable hydrogen-powered sportscar may be closer than you think.

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