carwow’s Best New Sports Car 2012 – The Porsche Boxster

March 29, 2012 by

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Few cars have got a reception quite like the new Boxster has. Almost every critic gave it full marks, it’s the closest you can get to a faultless car.

The Boxster is to the sports car market as the BMW 3-Series is to the saloon car market – a standard by which all other vehicles are judged, and generally one that no other car can compete with. Critics were still praising the old Boxster, but the new model has seen a wealth of improvements that turn it from a fantastic car into one of the best cars on sale anywhere.
The accolades start with the styling. More than a few reviewers have declared the new Boxster the car it always should have been, since the concept was revealed in the mid-1990s. Freed from the constraints of using parts from the 911 range, the new Boxster takes on a more dynamic, hunkered-down look, and all agree – it looks absolutely fantastic.
It looks great on the inside now too, something that could never have been said about the old car. Lessons learned from the Cayenne, Panamera and most recently, the new 911, mean the Boxsters cabin now not only offers the perfect driving position, but now feels every penny of its price tag too.
Hit the road and the Boxsters praise continues. While some have reservations over the new electric steering, the car excels in virtually every other area – from its ride, through its body control, to the precision by which you can slice through bends, the Boxster is near-perfect. The engines are fabulous too, with the optional sports exhaust coming highly recommended.
So the new Boxster – looks great, faster than ever, handles better than ever and feels like the quality product it is. What more do you want? Road testers cant think of anything, and neither can we – its the carwow sports car of the year.
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