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carwow New Car Awards 2012

These are our inaugural New Car Awards. We’ve judged every new car on sale, to see which is the winner in each category. It’s not judged on what we vote as the best car, but by calculating the general consensus from the leading UK car publications, to show you which cars critics think are the best .

Best City Car: Volkswagen Up!

The Volkswagen up! is a funky city car that has launched with a great reception from the press. If you’re looking to buy a new city car now, it’s the one to have. Especially with our VW Up! deals.
Best City Car Award Page

Best Hatchback: Audi A1 Sportback

The 5-Door version of Audi’s popular A1 has been praised since the moment it launched. It’s shot straight to the top of our recommend hatchback list.
Best Hatchback Award Page

Best Coupe: Volkswagen Scirocco

It may have been on sale for four years now, but praise for the Scirocco isn’t dying down – if anything, it’s becoming easier with time to see just how talented the Scirocco really is.
Best Coupe Award Page

Best Saloon: BMW 3-Series

The new 3-Series has launched with near perfect scores across the board, every critic adores it. If you want a saloon car then this BMW is the no-brainer choice.
Best Saloon Award Page

Best Estate: Skoda Superb

Skoda make a lot of excellent cars these days, there isn’t a weak one in the range, and the best is the Skoda Superb Estate. It also happens to be the best estate on sale.
Best Estate Award Page

Best MPV: Ford C-Max

An MPV needs to be designed with families in mind, which is why reviews heap praise on the C-Max. It’s practical, great value and the best MPV on sale.
Best MPV Award Page

Best Large MPV: Peugeot 5008

The Peugeot 5008 is the best large MPV on sale right now. It has a huge interior, it’s comfortable, practical and as an added bonus it’s fun to drive too!
Best Large MPV Award Page

Best 4×4: Land Rover Discovery 4

If you’re looking for one car that can do it all, then the Discovery 4 is your best bet. It’s incredibly comfortable, great value and can cross mountains.
Best 4×4 Award Page

Best Hot Hatch: Volkswagen Golf GTI

The Volkswagen GTI is a clear winner in the Hot Hatch category for 2012. It’s not the newest car on sale, but it’s still the one to have.
Best Hot Hatch Award Page

Best Hybrid: Honda CR-Z

The CR-Z has an innovative hybrid engine, concept car styling and is a lot of fun to drive. It proves that hybrids don’t have to be dull.
Best Hybrid Award Page

Best Electric Car: Nissan Leaf

Nissan’s Leaf is probably the best known electric vehicle. It’s already won a host of awards, and now we crown it the best electric car on sale too.
Best Electric Car Award Page

Best Convertible: Mazda MX-5

The MX-5 has been a huge hit for Mazda, they’ve sold millions. This latest version is a convertible loved by enthusiasts and it’s easy to see why.
Best Convertible Award Page

Best Sports Car: Porsche Boxster

Few cars have got a reception quite like the new Boxster has. Almost every critic gave it full marks, it’s the closest you can get to a faultless car.
Best Sports Car Award Page

Best Supercar: Ferrari 458 Italia

The Ferrari 458 Italia is the best supercar on sale today. The reviews for it are outstanding, with critics struggling to find even the smallest thing wrong with it.
Best Supercar Award Page

Best Car 2012: BMW 3-Series

The new BMW 3-Series is the best car on sale. It was the clear winner, getting incredibly positive reviews from everyone who has driven it.
Best Car Award Page
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