carwow’s Best New Car 2012 – The BMW 3-Series

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The new BMW 3-Series is the best car on sale. It was the clear winner, getting incredibly positive reviews from everyone who has driven it. Find out here why it won.

The latest incarnation of BMWs 3 Series is an astonishingly good car that is receiving incredibly positive reviews, sending it straight to the top of the class, making it the overall carwow Car Of The Year. As one motoring journalist said: If Superman drove a car, in fact, hed probably drive a new BMW 320d!
The BMW 3 Series is the most complete car on sale in the UK today, without a single significant flaw. Few cars have ever received such comprehensive and universal praise as the new 3 Series, and from the dozens of road tests that we have reviewed we have concluded that the car is outstandingly talented.
There is a great range of engines, both petrol and diesel, to choose from and all are strong performers endowing the car with decent fuel economy – something that is becoming ever important and strong performance.
BMW was the first car manufacturer to convince the motorist that the diesel-engined versions arent poverty-spec, poor relations to those fuelled by petrol and can be, in some cases, actually better to drive and own. Nowhere is this truer than in the case of the BMW 320d, which is a very fine car indeed and is probably the best in the entire range.
Its not just about the engines, either. All models are inherently sporty, sure-footed, and refined, which is a result of BMWs long experience of designing and building rear-wheel-drive chassis. The 3 Series also has a high-quality interior, great looks, and strong residual values; in short there are dozens of reasons why you should buy a new 3 Series and not a single reason why you shouldnt.
Faced with a number of well-deserved class-winners it is no mean accomplishment to be awarded the inaugural title of carwow Car Of The Year and the fact that there was never any doubt as to which car would be awarded the title is further proof of just how good the BMW 3 Series is.
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