New Renault 4 spotted testing: 4EVER Trophy concept coming to life next year

February 26, 2024 by

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Less than a day after the covers were whipped off the new Renault 5, another retro-inspired EV from the French brand has been spotted testing. Read on for all you need to know about the new Renault 4.

  • New Renault 4 spotted for the first time
  • Alternative to the Peugeot E-2008
  • Styling inspired by the classic Renault 4
  • Should share parts with the new Renault 5
  • Could cost around £25,000
  • On sale later next year

The new Renault 4 has been spotted out and about during cold weather testing by Carwow’s spy photographers, and this new EV looks as though it retains all the styling cues of the 2022 Renault 4EVER Trophy concept.

This alternative to cars such as the Peugeot E-2008 will be sold alongside the Renault Captur when it goes on sale next year, and it’s expected to share parts with the recently-revealed Renault 5.

New Renault 4 design

It’s been just over a year now since we first saw the Renault 4EVER Trophy concept, and it looks a bit like a jacked-up Renault 4 from the future. It’s a striking-looking thing, and Renault has already proved with the 5 that it can bring these concepts to life.

Carwow’s spy photographers have braved the elements to capture the new Renault 4 undergoing cold weather testing in the Arctic Circle, and it looks as though it’ll retain the same boxy styling as the concept. The front end looks just as blunt and upright as the initial design, and it has the same round headlights poking out of the wrap.

It does look a bit less jacked-up from the side, and the cladding around the bottom half of the car is likely to be toned down for production, but it’ll still be a raised-height SUV. Those rectangular tail lights not only look the same as the concepts, they also look very similar to the ones fitted to the original 4 from the 1960s.

New Renault 4 batteries and motors

Now that the Renault 5 has been revealed in full, we have a better idea of what power options you can expect to see in the new Renault 4, seeing as the two cars will almost certainly share parts.

Expect to see the same single-motor front-wheel drive layout, with power outputs ranging between 123hp and 150hp. The Renault 5 is also available with a 52kWh battery, giving that car up to 249 miles of range. Being a slightly larger and taller SUV, the Renault 4 is likely to get closer to 240 miles on a charge.

When can I buy a new Renault 4?

The Renault 4 is one of seven all-new electric cars which the brand has promised to launch by 2025, but you can expect to see it in the second half of next year after production of the 5 is well under way.

It’s a bit early to put a price on this car yet, however if the 5 is anything to go by then it could be great value. That car is predicted to start from around £22,000, so the jacked-up Renault 4 could wear a £25,000 price tag.

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