The all-new Renault 5 is here to shake up the EV market

February 27, 2024 by

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The all-new Renault 5 is finally here, and this retro-inspired electric hatchback retains almost identical styling to the concept car from three years ago. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Renault 5 EV revealed
  • All-electric reboot of classic French hatchback
  • Design remains true to 2021 concept car
  • Interior packed with funky retro touches
  • Up to 249 miles of range
  • Set to cost less than £25,000
  • On sale in the UK early next year

This is the new Renault 5, and it’s an all-electric hatchback designed to tug at the heartstrings of classic Renault lovers across Europe and the UK. The retro design may hark back to the 5 of the 1970s, but it’s packing plenty of clever technology under the skin.

This alternative to the MG 4 and BYD Dolphin will be available with two battery options, a range of up to 248 miles and a clever infotainment system with integrated Google services. Sales of the new 5 will start early next year, and it’s set to cost less than £25,000.

New Renault 5 design: what’s changed since 2021?

It’s been almost exactly three years since the Renault 5 concept was revealed, and the brand claims that this production version retains 95% of its styling. It certainly looks just as futuristic as that car, all while keeping the retro vibe of the original model from the ‘70s.

The main differences can be seen up front, where the headlamps now have more of a kink to them at the bottom. The fog lamps are also slightly tweaked, and there are different wing mirrors. That charging indicator on the bonnet is there to mimic the air vent you got on the classic 5.

It also retains the same side profile as the concept, meaning it’s suitably boxy and it has a squat, wheel-at-each-corner stance to make it look more sporty than something like a BYD Dolphin. All cars come with 18-inch wheels as standard, although the entry-level models have steel rims with covers. You can also see that the wheels fitted to this car are identical to those found on the concept.

Looking to the rear of the car, the tail lights are what makes it instantly recognisable as a 5. They’ve been tweaked a bit from the concept to smooth airflow at the back and add a few miles of range, and the vents off to the side are a definite nod to the Renault 5 GT Turbo.

New Renault 5 interior and infotainment

The blend of modern and retro details continues when you step inside , where the design really stands out against something like a Volkswagen ID3.

The two-step dashboard looks thoroughly modern, while the denim-like coverings work really well to inject some classic flair into the cabin. The material on the seats is actually made using recycled plastic bottles, and you can choose from plenty of bright colour options for the upholstery to lift things even further.

Other customisation options include swappable ends for the gear selector with different designs, and they can be changed without using any tools. You can even get a little wicker basket to sit in the passenger footwell for carrying your baguette. No really.

All the controls are nicely wrapped around the driver, with all cars getting a 10.0-inch infotainment screen. A 7.0-inch digital driver’s display also comes as standard, although a 10.0-inch unit is available on some models. Apps such as Google Maps are also built in.

New Renault 5 motors and performance

Just like the classic hatchback, the new Renault 5 is available with front-wheel drive only. There are three power outputs to choose from though.

Entry-level cars have 95hp and get from 0-60mph in a rather pedestrian 12 seconds. Not exactly hair-raising performance, but it’ll be more than enough for pootling around town. Then there’s a mid-range 123hp version which completes the sprint in 9.0 seconds.

Sitting at the top of the range is a 150hp motor which can do 0-60mph in a respectable 7.9 seconds. That’s exactly the same as a Volkswagen ID3 S, but it’s still around half a second slower than a Mini Cooper Electric. If it’s a hot hatch turn of speed you’re after, you’ll have to wait for the Alpine A290 to come along later in the year.

New Renault 5 Batteries and range

Powering the electric motor you have a choice of two battery packs. Those driving exclusively in the urban jungle will be happy with the 40kWh pack delivering 186 miles of range. That’s just shy of the entry-level BYD Dolphin, but plenty for those who spend all their time stuck in city traffic.

If you’re looking to venture further on a regular basis then you’ll want the larger 52kWh battery, giving this retro Renault 249 miles of range. That’s almost exactly the same as the Mini Cooper Electric can manage, and it should be more than enough for most people’s daily needs.

Both of these battery options will charge from 15-80% in around half an hour from a DC fast charger, and they both come with something called vehicle-to-load charging. This means you can run household appliances using the car’s battery when you’re out and about.

When can I buy the new Renault 5?

The new Renault 5 will go on sale in France in September this year, where it’ll cost from 25,000 euros. That’s around £22,000. It’s not confirmed just yet whether it’ll cost the same in the UK, but it’s almost certainly going to undercut cars like the MG 4 and BYD Dolphin on price by quite some margin. You’ll be able to order one in the UK from early 2025.

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