Smartphone giant Xiaomi to reveal new EV by the end of the year

March 10, 2023 by

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Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi has promised to bring an all-new electric car to market by 2024, and it’ll be an alternative to the Tesla Model 3. Read on for all you need to know. 

  • New Xiaomi electric car leaked
  • Smartphone maker’s first EV
  • Will be available with self-driving technology
  • Possible reveal by the end of the year

Xiaomi is one of the largest makers of smartphones in the world, and it’s now going to reveal a new EV by the end of the year, codenamed the MS11, which will go on sale in 2024.

The design of this Tesla Model 3 alternative has been leaked online, and it’ll have some advanced self-driving tech on board as well.

New Xiaomi MS11 design

The new Xiaomi MS11 has been leaked online, so you can see what it’ll look like. Design-wise, there is nothing particularly revolutionary here. You don’t get a grille up front, which makes sense seeing as there’s no internal combustion engine which needs cooling. The headlights appear to be sleek-looking LED units.

The MS11 has a similar saloon profile to the Tesla Model 3, with a full-length glass roof just like that car. The rear lights are connected by a full-width light bar as well.

New Xiaomi MS11 motors and driving

Details on what’s powering this new Xiaomi EV are pretty thin on the ground for now, however CEO Lei Jun revealed late last year that the company has invested 3.3 billion yuan into the development of self-driving technology. That’s almost £400 million.

Testing of this technology is well underway, last year Jun tweeted a video of Xiaomi’s Pilot system in action. You can see that the driver doesn’t have to touch any of the controls, similar to Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta.

New Xiaomi MS11 price and release date

Lei Jun has previously said that Xiaomi would bring a new EV to market in 2024, and the MS11 is expected to be revealed at some point this year.

There’s no word on pricing just yet, however you can expect it to fetch similar money to the Tesla Model 3. That car starts from £42,900. Before you rush to get your wallets out, it’s not yet known if this new car is going to be coming to the UK.

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