Tesla steering yoke now optional: customers given the option of a wheel

March 24, 2023 by

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The controversial steering yoke in the Tesla Model s and Tesla Model X is now optional, with buyers now given the option of a round steering wheel. Owners of cars with the yoke can also now have a wheel retrofitted to their car.

The rectangular steering yoke in the new Tesla Model S and X has been a big talking point since it was revealed a couple of years ago, and buyers can now opt to have a traditional steering wheel in their new EV.

If you already own a Tesla with the yoke, you can also now pay $700 to have a circular wheel fitted. That’s just over £570.

Tesla yoke now an option

Until recently, if you wanted a new Tesla Model S or Model X you had to have the new steering yoke.

See what Mat makes of the Tesla Model S Plaid in the video below…

It may make the cabin look more like that of a spaceship, with its square shape and no top, however some people may find it makes the car harder to drive, especially in town when you need to cross your arms over a lot.

If you put your name down for a Model S or X now you’ll get a round steering wheel as standard. Those who want to channel their inner Michael Knight fear not, the yoke is still available as a no-cost option.

Deliveries of the new Model S and Model X haven’t started in the UK yet, however you can pre-order one for £100. UK customers still have the choice of either a round wheel or a steering yoke.

Steering wheel retrofit now available

Cars with the Tesla yoke have already been delivered to customers in the USA. If you’re one of these customers, and you’ve decided the yoke isn’t for you, there is now the option to have a steering wheel retrofitted.

The wheel is available through the Tesla Shop, and it’ll set you back $700 including fitting at a Tesla Service Center. That’s just over £570. You still have the touch sensitive buttons for things like the indicators and wipers.

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