Audi simplifies trim line-up: new options, less choice

April 12, 2023 by

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To make the customer experience less confusing, Audi has cut out some trim levels across the whole range. From the A1 to the Q8, there’s now three basic trims, and two S trims. Read on to find out more. 

  • Now only three trims for Audi A and Q models
  • S cars offered with two trims
  • Less pack options overall
  • Aim is for simpler buying process
  • Effective from April 12

If you’re in the market for a new Audi, the German brand has made your life a bit easier. A big revamp of how it structures its line-up means you now only need to choose between three trim levels on the regular cars and two trim options on the performance S models.

Audi has previous for renaming things – having done so with all its engine and motor designations a couple of years ago – but this one makes a bit more sense than that rather confusing change.

Audi trims for basic models

Whether you go for the A1 or Q8, your life is much simpler when deciding which one you want; in general you choose between Sport, S line and Black Edition.

The most premium models, the A8 LWB, Q7 and Q8, have Vorsprung instead of Black Edition – with Vorsprung normally a fancier version of the Black Edition anyway.

For the standard model trims, you get the choice of adding the Technology Pack and Technology Pack Pro.

The Technology Pack additions are the same across all cars. You get a Bang & Olufsen sound system, a wireless charging pad, front seat heating and Audi’s Parking System Plus with Park Assist. Prices range from £1,295 for the A1 hatchback, up to £2,995 for the A8, Q7 and Q8.

The Technology Pack Pro is more car-specific. Additional equipment can include a panoramic sunroof, a head-up display or electric seat adjustment, among other things. Prices for that range from £2,995 in the A1 and Q2 up to £8,795 in the A8.

Audi trims for S models

If you’re after the sportier Audi models, your options have also shifted. There’s now just two to choose from – Black Edition or Vorsprung.

That’s the same across all S models and you can choose a single pack option – Technology Pack Pro.

As with the option for the standard Audi models, this pack differs depending on the model you choose to get.

New trim release dates

The new trim structure is effective immediately from April 12.

The change is designed, says Audi, to help you save more money on the car that you want. For example, to get the black styling pack and panoramic sunroof on the Q7 before this change, it would have cost £86,070.

With this alteration, it’ll now cost you £74,515 for a Q7 in Black Edition spec with the Technology Pack Pro – a saving of more than £11,000.

It will also help make things easier to understand and less complicated for buyers in terms of efficiency, as different options add to the official CO2 emissions and reduce the official fuel economy figure.

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