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The best Android and iOS apps for cars and drivers

August 10, 2016 by

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Whether it’s navigating your commute to work, finding the last free parking space in a busy city or providing easy access to music, there are plenty of motoring apps to choose from. We’ve put together a list of the best mobile apps available for drivers.

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grdian – best apps for drivers

grdian is a newly launched emergency response app for smartphones. Aimed primarily at cyclists and motorcyclists, it also provides a valuable service to car users too. The Android app costs 99p per month, with an iOS version coming soon, bringing you the assistance of its first-line call centre in the event of an incident. If sensors in the smartphone detect a sudden stop or crash, it’ll automatically call the centre who can coordinate emergency response. It’s also valuable for pedestrians and parents because shaking the phone and pressing a button also contacts the call centre. Operators remain on the line until the emergency services arrive and can even contact family members to keep them informed. For peace of mind on the road, it’s a valuable app to have.

Waze – best apps for drivers

Waze gives drivers a whole host of helpful features to get from A to B in the fastest time possible. The free Android and iOS app offers insight on real-time road conditions, traffic updates and even where the cheapest petrol stations are. It includes all the features you’d expect from a navigation app, but Waze’s big benefit is the fact information can be sent in by users. Quick updates on road accidents, closures and traffic jams from user crowdsourcing means the app reacts to changing conditions in real time, helping you arrive on time.

Roadtrippers – best apps for drivers

Organising a road trip can be a stressful experience but the Roadtrippers app for Android and iOS puts all the planning and information in one place. Not only does it calculate the quickest route to your end destination, but brings up points of interests, hotels and places to eat locally, too. You can then share your plans with friends so they can add in their own suggestions. It helps you make the most of road trips by discovering new events or locations moments away from your planned route. This makes Roadtrippers a very useful app to have, plus, there’s the added bonus of it being free to download.

iCarMode – best apps for drivers

The iCarMode app costs £1.49, is available on iOS and turns your iPhone into a touchscreen infotainment display for easy and safe use on the road. It enables drivers to create their own tailored homepage with various functions – including music, sat nav, contacts and other supported apps – all within easy reach. The app’s customisation gives you the opportunity to pick and choose what you want to see and gives drivers a safer way to interact with their phone while on the move. The big buttons and simple display also help reduce distractions and keep your focus on what’s important – the road ahead.

Carcorder – best apps for drivers

Dashcams have fast become a popular automotive accessory, but apps such as Carcorder mean you don’t have to spend vast amounts of money buying one. Along with a dashboard mount, it transforms your phone into your very own dashcam device – ideal for tricky insurance claims. Available for iOS, the £1.49 app gives drivers the chance to record their own journeys and document any accidents that occur. Switching between recording resolutions, map views and cameras is simple, while the app also tracks your location and lets you know when you’re going over the speed limit. Exporting footage is easy, helping save valuable phone storage.

Drivemode – best apps for drivers

Drivemode not only simplifies the way drivers interact with their phones while driving but actually removes the need to touch the screen altogether. Some of the Android platform’s features can be accessed by voice command and gestures in mid-air, helping the driver keep focus on the road. Other elements of the app do require broad swipes on the screen or taps but it keeps eye contact with the phone to a minimum. Music and navigation can be used simultaneously, you can speak replies to text messages or even put your phone in “do not disturb” mode to block calls and texts. It also works with a range of supported apps including mapping and radio., while.

AppyParking – best apps for drivers

With its attractive design and simple interface, AppyParking is a vital aid for UK users on the hunt for a parking space. The app works in a range of UK cities – including London, Edinburgh, Manchester and Brighton – and highlights available on and off-street parking via a useful interactive map. But what happens if there are no free parking spaces available? Well, AppyParking will show you the next best thing – where the closest parking meter bays and off-street car parks are. It’s free to download in the Google Play and Apple app store.

PlugShare – best apps for drivers

PlugShare is an Android and iOS app pinpointing the nearest charging stations for electric cars. It features a database of charging spots in a wide range of countries, including the US and the UK. Various filters mean you can locate the right stations for your electric car. Costing absolutely nothing, the PlugShare app will be a lifesaver should you see your battery readout heading towards empty. It doesn’t just show you where the stations are, it also shares useful information including reviews and photos.

Stitcher – best apps for drivers

The free Stitcher app for Android and iOS brings your favourite podcasts and radio shows to your car. You can tune into content on demand or download it for offline listening, as well as keep up to date with breaking news or create your own podcast playlists. The best news for drivers, however, is that Sticher is supported by both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, meaning you can use your app on your car’s infotainment screen. Plus, enabling Car Mode introduces big buttons for easy use while at the wheel and safer driving.

Spotify – best apps for drivers

The free version of Spotify for Android and iOS devices opens up a huge array of songs and albums, perfect for using the app while connected to the internet. Paying a monthly premium subscription, however, (one month free, £9.99 per month after that) gives you access to Spotify’s diverse music range offline too. Drivers can bring their favourite tracks and Spotify playlists to their car, because the app is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There’s no need to clutter the interior with CDs or put up with whatever’s on the radio and the simple usability through voice controls makes it easy to use on the move.

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