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10 best cars for snow

February 11, 2022 by

Driving in snow can be tricky at the best of times. A slippery surface means less grip, and could even be too much for your car to handle in thick snow.

If you’re regularly tackling snow though, you might want to make your next car one that can manage it with ease. Here are some of the best cars for snow.

1. Skoda Kodiaq

Though the Skoda Kodiaq isn’t designed outright as an off-roader, it’s remarkably capable of taking on tricky driving conditions.

Opt for the 4×4 version and you can feel confident this SUV can provide grip when it matters most. Combined with its high ground clearance, you shouldn’t need to worry about being stranded out on the road.

A dedicated snow driving mode helps to manage power when it’s slippery as well, just to add a little sweetener.

wowscore: 9/10
RRP from*: £30,415
carwow average saving*: £2,195

2. Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender is the king of all conditions. This reborn icon has been built from the outset to take on some of the toughest driving conditions in the world — including thick snow.

Its 4×4 system delivers plenty of grip while a suite of electronic aids is there to help you make trickier conditions easier.

If you want to give your Defender a (functional) rugged makeover, you can also add protective body panels and a snorkel.

wowscore: 9/10
RRP from*: £57,590
carwow average saving*: £6

3. Volvo V90 Cross Country

Based on a supremely practical estate, the Volvo V90 Cross Country is designed to make it just as versatile on the road.

All-wheel-drive is introduced for more grip, while a raised ride height brings the car further from the ground. You’ll also get protective body cladding to help prevent damage if you’re clearing larger obstacles.

wowscore: 7/10
RRP from*: £53,560
carwow average saving*: £4,917

4. Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

The Volkswagen Golf Alltrack takes the estate version of the do-it-all icon and adds a rugged edge.

With an all-wheel-drive system and raised suspension, it’s designed to better clear tricky obstacles and maintain grip in slippery conditions. Ideal, then, for thicker snow.

It is pricer than the rest of the Golf Estate range but comes loaded with kit.

wowscore: 7/10
RRP from*: £37,075
carwow average saving*: £3,254

5. Subaru Outback

Though a Subaru Outback may not be one of the first cars to come to your mind, it’s one to consider if you’re regularly tackling tough snow.

This high-riding estate comes out of the box with an excellent all-wheel-drive system – Subaru is famous for developing cars capable of dealing with tricky conditions.

wowscore: 7/10
RRP from*: £33,995
carwow average saving*: £550

6. Mini Countryman

The Mini Countryman is more Maxi than ever, but this larger family car is one to go for if you’re tackling snow.

Opting for one of the All4 versions of the Countryman nets you all-wheel-drive without compromising on practicality. Plus, it’s good fun to drive in the dry too.

wowscore: 7/10
RRP from*: £25,503
carwow average saving*: £1,308

7. Fiat Panda Cross

Sitting underneath the humble Fiat Panda Cross is a trick 4×4 system that gives it real off-road might.

Those rugged looks aren’t just for show, either — the chunky plastic cladding is there to protect the Panda’s bodywork.

Two tow hooks are there if you find yourself needing to help other drivers stranded out in the snow, too.

wowscore: 9/10
RRP from*: £13,945

8. Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the most capable off-roaders money can buy. That translates rather nicely confidence in the snow.

It’s fitted with lockable differentials to help you get through particularly deep terrain, along with a ‘crawl’ feature to help you get uphill.

wowscore: 6/10
RRP from*: £43,585
carwow average saving*: £2,866

9. Dacia Duster

You don’t have to break the bank to beat the snow, as shown with the Dacia Duster.

This capable SUV can be had in 4×4 guise for a touch over £20,000 — which seems a bargain if you consider the space it offers.

Sure, it won’t be as well equipped as other cars here but it’s also one of the most affordable.

wowscore: 6/10
RRP from*: £14,495
carwow average saving*: £505

10. Jeep Wrangler

The iconic Jeep Wrangler isn’t the best all-round car on this list, but it’s certainly one of the most capable in the tough stuff.

Built primarily to go off-road, you shouldn’t face many issues plunging through the snow in this big American.

If you’re feeling particularly brave, you could even take off the roof and enjoy some chilly air.

wowscore: 5/10
RRP from*: £51,600
carwow average saving*: £2,550

*prices correct at time of writing

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