Peugeot 3008 colour guide

The French have a unique ability to turn the humblest of vehicles into an art form. Like all art the Peugeot 3008 is an acquired taste, but certainly stands out among its more conventional crossover peers.

It’ll stand out even more if you pick the right colour for it, and that’s what carwow’s guide is here to help you do. There are a total of nine colour choices available on the 3008, across three categories: solid (non-metallic), metallic, and pearlescent shades. We’ve listed details about each colour and how much you’ll pay all you have to do is choose!

Non-metallic colours

Peugeot offers just the one non-metallic colour choice on the 3008 crossover. It is available as a no-cost option across the standard trims of all variants.

Bianca White (0)

3008 bianca white

The only solid colour option available, Bianca White, is a pure white shade. It might lack the shine and shimmer of the other colours here, but if you’re looking for a no-nonsense look for the Peugeot 3008 Crossover (and aren’t keen to spend any extra), this is the colour for you. Luckily for you, white is quite fashionable right now, though the pearlescent Pearl White is a more appealing (if more expensive) shade.

Metallic colours

These paints have metallic flakes embedded in them to give the surface an unmistakable shine and greater depth than a solid shade. Pricier than solid colours, these have two clear advantages: greater ability to hide small scratches and a better resale value (though this is highly dependent on the shade and the model). There are seven colours to choose from.

Nera Black (520)

3008 nera black

Peugeot offers just one shade of black on the 3008, and this is it. It suits the vehicle’s complex shape, and being metallic, there’s a deep shine to the shade. The downside is that both dust and big scratches can show up easily on black paintwork, and if you aren’t someone who likes to regularly wash their cars to keep them at their best (for shame…) then it might not be the shade for you…

Aluminium (520)

3008 aluminium

Silver paintwork is a little common these days but on the 3008, it somehow stands out more than it might on something German. The paintwork is broken up by the Peugeot’s large grille and several chrome elements, so there’s a bit more visual interest here than you may expect. Still, it’s worth grabbing a glance down at your local dealer to make sure it works as well in person.

Vapour Grey (520)

3008 vapour grey

The lighter of the two greyish paint choices, Vapour Grey actually has a hint of gold to it in the flesh. In bright sunlight the goldish hue is certainly apparent, though under dull light you may struggle to tell it from silver and it’s not the most exciting shade on the 3008.

Shark Grey (520)

3008 shark grey

Shark Grey is a much darker shade than Vapour Grey and Peugeot’s Aluminium silver. It works well on the 3008, especially against the combination of black and chrome seen on the car’s grille and window surrounds. It’s another colour that works better in the flesh than it does in Peugeot’s configurator images.

Egyptian Blue (520)

3008 egyptian blue

Blue looks good on most cars, and the Peugeot 3008 is no exception. Egyptian Blue is a particularly dark shade, giving Peugeot’s crossover a very calm yet sophisticated personality. Peugeot’s silver alloy wheel choices complement this shade of blue quite nicely, thought the colour doesn’t pop in sunlight as much as we’d like.

Rioja Red (520)

3008 rioja red

Rioja Red could be the Peugeot 3008’s most desirable colour. It’s a deep, dark metallic red common to many of Peugeot’s cars, including the hot 208 GTI – and it looks just as good here as it does on the hot hatchback. The contrasting black of the radiator grille, lower-front bumper andrear bumper elements once again break up the shade and add visual interest. If you want that special feeling of turning back towards the car after you park itjust for a second look, Rioja Red is worthy of that.

Rick Oak (520)

3008 rich oak

Rich Oak is one of the most interesting colours in Peugeot’s line up. Much likeshades of brown offered by other carmakers, this too is polarising: you’ll either love it or you’ll despise it. Brown, like white, is another fashionable colour right now though and suits the 3008’s pseudo off-road styling.

Pearlescent colours

If you want your car to stand out in a car park, radiating brilliance among a set of cars in varying shades of blacks and greys, then pearlescent colours are the right choice for you. They have a deep, attractive lustre, and often change colour when viewed from different angles. The Peugeot 3008 gets just one such option: Pearl White. It’s an extra cost option, but not badly priced compared to some rivals.

Pearl White (650)

3008 pearl white

Much shinier and more exuberant than the solid Bianca White, Pearl White gives the Peugeot 3008 a classier look. No matter how harsh or soft the light is, you’ll always be able to identify this shade.In soft light it seems to glow and in bright sunlight, there’s a cool, alpine appeal to the shade. If you’ve got the cash to splash, it’s well worth the extra.

Peugeot 3008 (2013-2016)

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