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I bought a Suzuki Jimny! But, why?

October 23, 2020 by

After handing back carwow’s Suzuki Jimny long-term test car, Mat must have been getting cold feet. Because, he’s only gone and bought one himself! 

Tap the video to see his brand-new car.

The lovable Suzuki Jimny isn’t going to be around forever. In fact, due to tightening emissions regulations, Suzuki is going to stop importing them to Europe and the UK next year. (Although you will still be able to buy a two-seat commercial version.)

So, Mat took the plunge and bought his very own Jimny.

First up, he had to choose a colour. Rather than the same blue as carwow’s test car, he went for gloss black, but it could quite easily have been lime green. Or silver. Or white. Or Ivory… Did he make the right choice?

Easier was choosing which trim level to go for. Unsurprisingly, Mat’s gone all-out and plumped for the top-spec SZ5 model with LED headlights, alloy wheels, climate control, a proper touchscreen infotainment system and tinted windows (he used to drive a G-Wagon, after all.)

With that sorted, all Mat has to do is pay for the car and be on his way. And, that shouldn’t cause any problems, should it? Well, watch the video to find out exactly what happened…

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