Mercedes GLE SUV colours guide and prices

The Mercedes GLE is the latest large SUV from the company and, with those credentials, will rightly find a place on many driveways in the years to come. The question is – what colour should you get it in?

Picking the right colour for your car is essential. A good choice will look clean for a long time and will have a queue of buyers waiting for it when you come to sell it on – the wrong one will require constant cleaning and will see used buyers run a mile to avoid it.

If you’re already sold on this Teutonic SUV, pop the Mercedes GLE into our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. For more information on the different types of paint available, check out our paint types guide.

Solid colours

Polar white – £0

Polar white is the only colour in the GLE range that’s non-metallic. Nevertheless, considering the popularity of white cars, it’ll easily find a home on the used market. You’ll have to spend plenty keeping it clean before you sell it, though.

Metallic colours

Cavansite blue metallic – £0

The GLE looks great in Cavansite blue metallic – it’s a timeless colour that’s easier to keep clean than some lighter colours. It’s an inoffensive choice, so will be easy to sell on afterwards.

Citrine brown metallic – £0

Brown is becoming more popular and it makes the GLE look smart. It’s a very manageable colour in terms of keeping it clean and, although unusual, it will have a customer base come re-sale time.

Diamond silver metallic – £0

Silver is always popular on Mercedes. It looks especially desirable here with the optional black AMG alloys. Silver shows up dirt worse than darker shades so will require a few trips to the car wash, but it’s so desirable you won’t have a problem selling it on.

Obsidian black metallic – £0

Black is a colour that needs no introduction and will always find buyers on the used market. Budget for some car washes, however, because it shows up dirt and swirl marks worse than dark blues, greys and browns.

Iridium silver metallic – £0

Iridium silver is lighter than Diamond silver. It may show up dirt a bit more and, if your GLE is unfortunate enough to acquire a scratch, it will show up against the paint. Selling it on will be very easy though.

Tenorite grey metallic – £0

Tenorite grey is one of the popular shades of gunmetal metallic grey so often found on expensive German cars. It’ll hide dirt pretty well and have used buyers begging you to take it off your hands.

Palladium silver metallic – £0

Just when you thought there were enough shades of silver – Mercedes releases Palladium silver. This hue, like other silvers, will show up road muck after a while but will be easy to sell to the used market.

Special metallic colours

Designo Diamond white metallic – £845

The GLE looks great in this sparkling white but be sure you want it because it’s very expensive. Selling the car on will be very easy but don’t expect to recoup the cost of this colour. Familiarise yourself with your local car wash, too, because dirt and muck will show up almost instantly.

Designo Hyacinth red metallic – £845

This is the colour to buy if you enjoy standing out from the crowd. It’s not cheap and you probably won’t make that money back when you come to sell it, nor will you find it as easy to sell on as more subtle shades. Exclusivity is almost guaranteed, however.

What next?

If you’ve fallen for the chunky charms of this big SUV, pick your perfect Mercedes GLE in our car configurator to see how much you could save. Prefer something sportier? Take a look at the Mercedes GLE Coupe. For more options head over to our deals page or, for more help choosing your next car, check out our car chooser.