Mercedes GLE Coupe colours guide and prices

Mercedes has introduced the GLE Coupe to take on the might of the BMW X6. This sporty SUV-coupe has four doors but a sloping roof to emphasise its speedy credentials.

It’s a very style-led car so it’s important you get it in the right colour. Luckily for buyers, most of the GLE’s shades are no-cost options with only a couple incurring extra charges.

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Solid colours

Polar white – £0

This is a no cost option so, if Designo Diamond white is a bit too pricey for you, Polar White is a fine alternative. It’s worth remembering, although you’ll be saving money on the paint, you’ll have to spend more time keeping it clean because dirt and debris from the road sticks to the paintwork easily. This is the only colour in the range which isn’t metallic, so, under certain lights, won’t shine as brightly as other finishes.

Metallic colours

Cavansite blue metallic – £0

Cavansite Blue Metallic is a no-cost optional paint. Not only does the car look classy, but it’s a popular choice so re-selling the car will be easy. Keeping it clean won’t be difficult either – unlike darker colours, such as Obsidian Black, this colour doesn’t show dirt as easily.

Citrine brown metallic – £0

A more unusual colour in the GLE range is Citrine Brown Metallic. Special Mercedes colours are usually costly, but not here because this colour is free across the entire range. Its rarity will be a bonus to those who want to stand out form the crowd, but it will also be easy to clean too.

Diamond silver metallic – £0

Silver is probably the colour most associated with Mercedes-Benz. Thanks to the hue’s popularity, you needn’t worry about re-selling the car afterwards, nor will you have to worry about keeping it clean.

Iridium silver metallic – £0

Iridium Silver is a slightly lighter shade than Diamond Silver. Selling the car won’t be a problem because the colour will always be in demand. Keeping it clean should be fairly easy but, because it’s a lighter shade, it may show up dirt a little more readily in comparison to darker colours.

Obsidian black metallic – £0

Black is always a classy looking colour and will always have a ready string of used buyers queuing up to look at it. However, as easy as it is to sell on, keeping it clean is a bit more tricky. The slightest spec of dust or grime will instantly show up. Nevertheless, when it’s clean, it looks fantastic, and that it’s free is just icing on the cake.

Palladium silver metallic – £0

Palladium silver is a slightly darker shade than the other silvers, and adds a touch of gunmetal to the GLE. Re-selling won’t be an issue, nor is keeping it clean although, if the unthinkable happens and your Mercedes gets a scratch, it will show up fairly easily on this particular colour.

Tenorite grey metallic – £0

Tenorite Grey is neither in your face nor too subtle. It’ll always be a desirable colour, so won’t be difficult come re-sale time to get rid of. Keeping it clean will be fairly easy because it’s not as dark as Obsidian Black nor as bright as the lighter shades meaning road grime tends to blend in.

Special metallic colours

Designo Diamond white metallic – £845

The GLE certainly looks bold in Designo Diamond White Metallic. However, with style comes cost, and this chic colour is a whopping £845. You also have to consider it’ll be a pain to keep clean – the slightest bit of mud will show up instantly. That said, when it’s clean, it looks great, and will therefore be easy to sell on afterwards.

Designo Hyacinth red metallic – £845

Hyacinth Red is arguably the boldest choice for the GLE. If you’re committed to standing out from the crowd, it’s worth the steep £845 price tag. Keeping it clean will be fairly easy but, while it won’t be very difficult to sell on, it won’t fly off the forecourt as fast as a black or silver model.

What next?

If you like the look of this BMW X6 rival, pop the Mercedes GLE Coupe in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. For more options, check out our deals page or, for help choosing your ideal car, head over to our car chooser.

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