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Nissan Qashqai colours guide and prices

The Nissan Qashqai is one of the best-selling SUVs in Britain. The right colour will help complement its recently facelifted design while the wrong will be tricky to keep clean and a pain to sell to the used market.

Here are all the colours the Qashqai is available in along with their prices to help you pick the perfect shade:

Solid colours

Flame Red – £0

Flame Red is the only free paint colour available for the Qashqai. It will do a moderately good job at hiding grime but, being such a vibrant colour, it’ll be more difficult to sell than a darker colour.

Nightshade – £575

This dark aubergine colour that looks black in all but the brightest lights where you get the odd purple flash. It looks smart on the Qashqai and should hide road grime very well. It’s a rather nondescript colour, so should be easy to sell to the used market.

Blade Silver – £575

Blade Silver is a plain yet sensible shade of silver. It’ll help you fly under the radar and should be easy to sell on the used market. However, be prepared to spend your weekends keeping your Qashqai clean.

Magnetic Red – £575

This dark shade of red is more muted than Flame Red. This colour really pops in the sun, yet it’s dark enough to hide road grime for a fair while. This colour should fare moderately well on the used market.

Ink Blue – £575

This dark blue tone suits the Qashqai stylish exterior design. This dark shade should be easy to keep clean and will be easy to sell on.

Metallic colours

Pearl Black – £575

This is the only black that the Qashqai is available in. Although black is a dark colour, it’ll be difficult to clean because dirt shows up quickly. Nevertheless, it should be easy to sell on to the used market.

Chestnut Bronze – £745

This dark shade of brown glistens under the light thanks to its metallic flake. As a less-conventional shade, it might be a bit difficult to sell on the used market, but will be easy to keep clean.

Vivid Blue – £745

This light blue is featured in the Qashqai’s promotional images. It looks striking in the flesh but might be a bit extroverted for some used buyers and wilprove difficult to keep clean.

Gun Metallic – £745

Gun Metallic is a pewter-like grey colour that should be popular with Qashqai buyers. This relatively dark shade should be easy to keep clean and will be easy to sell on.

Pearlescent colours

Storm White – £745

This vibrant white colour suits the Qashqai but, because its a pearlescent shade, it demands a premium over solid colours. This hue will be easy to sell on, but expect to be on a first-name basis with your local carwash.

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