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Peugeot 2008 colours guide and prices

The Peugeot 2008 is a stylish and practical choice for families who want something a little larger than a regular supermini. The recently facelifted compact SUV has chunkier styling giving it a more rugged look and now comes in nine different colours.

We’ve put together this guide to help you decide which shade to pick. Colour is an important decision – choose wisely and it’ll be easy to keep clean and sell to used buyers. If you don’t know your solids from your metallics, our car paints guide explains all you need to know.

Solid paints

Hurricane Grey – £0

Hurricane grey is a new shade for the facelifted 2008 and is now the sole no-cost option. It may not be the most inspiring of colours but its understatement will appeal to buyers wanting to fly under the radar. It’ll be easy to keep clean and even easier to sell to the used market.

Bianca White – £250

White is a popular choice among car buyers so you won’t struggle to sell on your 2008 if you choose this shade. At £250, it’s not bad value if you don’t like the standard grey colour but you’ll have to budget for lots of trips to the car wash to keep it looking its best.

Metallic paints

Nera Black – £495

Nera black is the sole black choice on the 2008 and helps enhance the Peugeot’s upmarket image. Of course, that’s only if you keep it nice and shiny which can be tricky on black cars. Nevertheless, it’ll be a popular choice among used car buyers.

Emerald – £495 (not available on GT Line or Access)

Previously, you could only choose this shade on top-spec ‘Urban Cross’ 2008s but Peugeot has now decided to offer it on lesser models. This dark green will hide dirt and grime well, but might be harder to resell considering it’s a slightly less common shade.

Cumulus Grey – £495

Cumulus grey is one of four greys available on the 2008, but this one is actually more of a silver. It’s inoffensive, meaning used buyers are unlikely to be put off by it and will do a moderate job of hiding dirt between washes.

Spirit Grey – £495 (not available on GT Line)

Spirit grey is actually closer to champagne – those subtle gold hues give it a certain edge. It won’t need cleaning as often as some lighter choices but, being a less popular shade, it might be a little tricker to sell on than a more traditional colour.

Nimbus Grey – £495

If you’re keen on the standard Hurricane grey but fancy something with a little more sparkle, look no further than Nimbus grey. This gunmetal shade is classy and desirable making it easy to sell on, and it should look good for a while between washes.

Ultimate Red – £645 (not available on Access)

Another new shade for the facelifted car, this red isn’t one for those who shy away from attention. It’s best suited to models with larger alloy wheels and sporty detailing, so isn’t available on basic Access trim. Some used buyers might be put off by this extrovert hue, but others will actively seek it out, provided you keep it clean.

Pearlescent White – £645 (not available on Access)

If you’re after a more upmarket white than the basic Bianca shade, this is your best choice. It looks richer thanks to the reflective flake embedded in the paint itself. We’re not sure you’ll make your money back come resale time, but it’ll at least be easy to sell on. Like all whites, very regular washing will be needed to keep it looking good.

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