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Toyota Auris dimensions – UK exterior and interior sizes

Now in its second generation, the Toyota Auris is the Japanese carmaker’s rival to the Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus and other family hatchbacks.

But does it fit into your life? We’ve pulled together all the car’s significant dimensions so you can see how it measures up to others in its class, or the car you’re replacing. Whether you want to find out its length, its boot space or its turning circle, it’s all here.

Do remember that if you like the Auris but don’t find it quite accommodating enough, Toyota does also sell the Auris Touring Sports, which is an estate version.

Toyota Auris exterior dimensions

On the outside, the Auris is slightly longer than a five-door Volkswagen Golf, which reaches 4,255mm – but the Golf is wider at 1,799mm. That doesn’t include the car’s door mirrors, so bear that in mind if you’re planning to squeeze it into a one-car garage!

The Auris Touring Sports sits on the same platform as the Auris hatch, but is longer at 4,560mm. The Volkswagen Golf estate is almost the same length but much like the Golf hatch, it’s marginally wider too.

Width (excluding door mirrors) – 1,760mm
Overall length – 4,275mm
Overall height – 1,460mm

Wheelbase – 2,600mm
Front track – 1,525mm
Rear track – 1,525mm

Toyota Auris interior dimensions

Slightly taller than the Volkswagen Golf, the Auris cabin isn’t short on headroom, though overall space is adequate rather than exemplary. The Toyota Auris Touring is longer, and hence gets a bigger boot. Space for occupants is similar to what’s found in the hatch.

Front and rear headroom are comparable to the Golf’s figures: front passenger headroom in the VW is 975mm, but rear headroom is 37mm greater in the Golf at 967mm. Six-footers won’t have a problem in either Auris though – it’s still a spacious vehicle.

Front headroom – 970 mm
Rear headroom – 930 mm

Toyota Auris luggage capacity

With 360 litres of boot space, the Auris hatchback offers a similar amount of space as the Golf. With the seats down, the capacity goes up to 1,200 litres, which is close to the benchmark in this class. In case of the Auris Touring Sports, the boot space with the seats up is 530 litres. That figure grows over three times (to 1,658 litres) with the seats down. The space offered here is very close to what the respective VW Golf version offers (605 litres with seats up, and 1,620 litres with seats folded).

Because Toyota has placed the car’s battery pack under the rear seats, boot space isn’t compromised on the hybrid versions, which is a good thing.

Luggage Capacity (seats up) – 360 litres
Luggage Capacity (seats down) – 1,200 litres

Toyota Auris turning circle and fuel tank capacity

With a turning circle of 11m, the Auris shouldn’t be too problematic when doing U-turns. Since the Auris Touring Sports has the same wheelbase as the Auris hatchback, the turning circle remains the same, although care must be taken since the body parts beyond the two axles (overhangs) are a little bit longer on this one. With claimed combined fuel economy of 78.5 mpg, the Hybrid’s smaller fuel tank shouldn’t be much of an issue either – you should get just under 780 miles to a tank. Bank on nearer 600 miles in real-world driving.

Turning circle – 11m (11.4m on 17-inch wheels)
Fuel tank – 50 litres (45 litres for Hybrid)

Toyota Auris weight

Weight is rarely a concern for buyers of new cars, but it does give a clue to how much mass you’ll be accelerating, cornering and braking with. Generally, the lighter the better, and the sveltest Auris is the 1.33-litre manual hatchback, at 1,260kg. The hybrid is heaviest, while Touring Sports estates add another 45-55kg.

Weight (hatchback) – 1,260kg to 1,425kg
Weight (Touring Sports) – 1,315kg to 1,470kg

Want to find out more about the Toyota Auris?

Read our Auris full review section, which is packed with photos, critics’ scores, statistics and more. We’ve also explained all available paint colours in our Toyota Auris colour guide.

Toyota Auris

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