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Volkswagen Touareg colours guide and prices

The Volkswagen Touareg is a luxurious family car with respectable off-road ability. If you’ve decided this is the car for you, and you’re trying to settle on a colour, remember – whatever you choose will affect how often you’ll be cleaning your vehicle, as well as how easy it’ll be to sell.

In total, 12 paint colours are offered, including two solid, seven metallic, two pearl and one special shade. The R-Line, however, offers a more limited palette – losing five shades from the options list.

Use our Volkswagen Touareg car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. If you’re struggling to tell the difference between solid, metallic and pearl finishes, our car paint types guide is here to help.

Solid colours

Black – £0

Black is smart, sober and safe bet when it comes to reselling. Unlike many dark cars, it won’t hide road grime for very long and beware of less expensive car washes – they can leave unsightly swirl marks in their wake. This shade is not available on the Touareg in R-Line trim.

Pure White – £260

This is a dazzling, soap-powder white that, again, is an extremely sought-after shade. This should mean no headaches or hold-ups when the time comes to sell. You should brace yourself for frequent scrubbing, though, since a colour this pale is going to make every last fleck of grime visible immediately.

Metallic colours

Canyon Grey – £755

This is a mid-spectrum grey that will snapped up quickly when the time comes for it to change hands. Like most darker shades, it should hide road grubbiness for a decent length of time.

Dark Flint – £755

This grey shade is so dark it’s almost black, so you shouldn’t be left hanging when it comes to finding a buyer. It’s a shrewd choice in terms of hiding dirt, too, which makes this colour a smart all-round option. This shade is not available on the Touareg in R-Line trim.

Dark Oak – £755

This is a rich espresso brown that’ll certainly give your Touareg a distinctive character. It’s not a common car colour and may not be for everyone, so be prepared for potential delays when selling on. On the plus side, it should do a good job of hiding dirt, and it looks pretty smart, too. This shade is not available on the Touareg in R-Line trim.

Reef Blue – £755

This is a bold electric blue that, while not exactly outlandish, may be a tad too vivid for some. That said, blue is a fairly popular hue, so we don’t expect outrageous reselling delays. This colour should do a fairly average job of hiding grime between washes.

Reflex Silver – £755

Silver is a fashionable colour, and this brushed steel option is no exception. It should change hands quickly and easily on the used market. It’s a relatively pale shade, so you may find yourself cleaning it more frequently than you’d like.

Sand Gold – £755

This is quite a distinctive dark gold shade and, while not in-your-face, it might put off some less extroverted used buyers. It should do a pretty good job of concealing grime in-between cleans. This shade is not available on the Touareg in R-Line trim.

Tungsten Silver – £755

This shade is a sleek silver which, like most monochrome colours, shouldn’t take long to sell on. Being a very pale colour, you’ll have to be prepared for very frequent washes – especially if you rack-up miles quickly. This shade is not available on the Touareg in R-Line trim.

Pearl Colours

Deep Black – £755

This is a sleek, classy black with an extra dimension thanks to pearl effect paint. It’s a smart choice, especially for corporate and business drivers. Wash by hand or use good quality car washes, though, because cheaper ones can leave unattractive swirl-marks behind.

Moonlight Blue – £755

This is a smart navy that’s likely to do extremely well in terms of hiding dirt for lengthy spells. It should also be a popular hue with potential second-hand buyers, making it a good option for company-car drivers and those not sold on grey, black or silver.

Special Colours

Oryx White – £1,625

This glossy, off-white looks glamorous and is one of the UK’s most sought-after colours – you should have buyers beating a path to your door when you come to sell it on. It is, however, exceptionally expensive and you are unlikely to re-coup this cost when it comes to reselling. Like all white models, you should be prepared for regular bucket and sponge sessions to keep it looking factory-fresh.

Save money on your new Volkswagen Touareg

Use our Volkswagen Touareg car configurator to work out just how much you’ll save when you purchase your new car through carwow. If you’re not sure which car is for you, check out our deals page and car chooser tool.

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