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Volvo XC60 vs Volvo XC90 – SUV comparison

March 07, 2017 by

If you’re in the market for a comfortable family SUV, Volvo now has two options. The newly revealed XC60 is a five-seater model that goes up against the Audi Q5, Mercedes GLC and BMW X3. For a little more money, however, you can get into the larger XC90 SUV so how do the two compare? For all images, the XC60 is on the left and the XC90 on the right.

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Volvo XC60 on the left, XC90 on the right

Volvo XC60 vs Volvo XC90 price

We don’t yet know exactly how much the XC60 will cost but we’d be surprised if entry-level models weren’t similarly priced to the outgoing model. This means entry level models could cost around £33,000 with top-spec non-hybrid models costing around £42,000. The T8 performance hybrid – introduced with this model – will cost comfortably more than £50,000.

Naturally, the larger XC90 costs more – entry-level models are priced from £47,350 rising to £64,555 for top-end versions. This means buyers after more power and equipment for the money who don’t need seven seats stand to save a lot of cash by opting for the XC60, but buyers after more practicality would be better served by the larger car.

Volvo XC60 vs Volvo XC90 styling

This is tricky because the two look so similar, only true aficionados would be able to tell the difference without resorting to glancing at the badge on the back. At the front there really are very few changes – both feature a mostly rectangular grille and pointed headlights with Volvo’s lighting signature and very few styling details down the sides.

The most notable departure is at the rear where the larger car is longer and more boxy to accommodate two extra seats. The XC60 on the other hand is shorter and its rear windscreen is more raked lending it a slightly more athletic silhouette. While the shape of the brakelights is similar on both, the XC60’s look a little sharper and more similar to the newer V90 estate than the XC90.

Volvo XC60 on the left, XC90 on the right

Volvo XC60 vs Volvo XC90 interior

Inside, too, differences between the two are few and far between – if you’re facing forwards that is. The biggest difference can be found in the back where the XC90 features a third row of seats just large enough to carry adults. The XC60 is strictly a five-seater although the lack of third row means boot space is likely to be similar to the XC90 and only noticeably lose out once the second row is folded.

Apart from the differences in physical size, however, splitting the two is hard. The dashboard layout on both is essentially the same with the XC60 sporting marginally newer-looking air vents on either side of the portrait-orientated screen that’s shared on both. Equally, the centre console with gear selector and infotainment controls is pretty much lifted from one car to the other.

Volvo XC60 vs Volvo XC90 driving and engines

Like many other premium brands, Volvo is sharing engines among its various cars to reduce costs. On the diesel front, both models share the pleasantly powerful 235hp D5 diesel engine that makes use of Volvo’s Powerpulse technology for better acceleration. The cheaper XC60, however, also features the 190hp D4 diesel as a cheaper entry-level option.

For petrol fans, both models get the headline grabbing T8 plug-in hybrid petrol powertrain – this makes 407hp in total but can return in excess of 100mpg thanks to clever hybrid tech. This costs £60,455 in the XC90 so the 320hp T6 is also offered for £54,405 – European buyers will get the T6 engine option in the XC60 but UK buyers won’t.

Volvo XC60 vs Volvo XC90 verdict

Unsurprisingly, the conclusion here is purchase the car that most suits your budget. If you really need the space or are looking to spend comfortably more than £50,000, only the larger XC90 will do. If, however, you can forego the third row of seats, the XC60 is so similar to the XC90 under the skin that you stand to save a lot of money if you chose a similarly specced version.

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