What real-life cars would superheroes drive?

February 06, 2019 by

Some of the most outlandish and awe-inspiring vehicle designs ever imagined can be found in the world of superhero comics. From the Batmobile to Ghost Rider’s motorbike, these ideas have wowed for generations, and are still enjoying relevance today thanks to the blockbuster Avengers and Justice League franchises.

Sadly, the luxurious cars of comic books will remain restricted to fiction. But what if the heroes of Marvel and DC existed in real life? What would they use to quickly get from A to B as stylishly as possible? It’s a question that’s kept literally tens of geeks awake at night. And now – thanks to the wonders of Photoshop – carwow has the definitive answer.

Batman – BMW M2

Obviously, nothing can compare to the undying coolness of DC Comics’ Batmobile. However, the BMW M2 is the best real-life alternative for Gotham City’s caped crusader. The German sports car has the powerful engine worthy of a billionaire aristocrat, while the compact body would let it speed through dank, crime-ridden back alleys with no trouble. Plus, the M2 is the spiritual successor to BMW’s actual Batmobile, which crushed all opposition in 1973’s European Touring Car Championship!

To make it Batman’s personal vehicle of choice, the iconic BMW ‘kidney’ grille has been ‘batified’ and the subtle boot spoiler has been dropped for something more over-the-top. With this car, the Dark Knight will decimate supervillains even more effectively than how critics decimated Batman v. Superman. No small feat…

Superman – Bugatti Chiron

Superman flies so fast that he can turn back time, so owning a car is probably (and literally) beneath him. That said, if he had to get behind the wheel of any vehicle, it would surely be the Bugatti Chiron – a speed machine that can go from 0-62mph in 2.5 seconds and hit 261mph flat-out.

The car has been redesigned for the Man of Steel, proudly placing his iconic logo at the front and flaunting his unique blue and red colour scheme. It was tempting to channel the Superman of old and place a massive pair of red pants around the boot, but this was overruled out of fear of the additional drag.

Wonder Woman – Lamborghini Huracán

When designing Wonder Woman’s car, it would have been easy to just hand in a blank sheet of paper, claim it’s invisible like her personal jet and head to the pub. However, it was then pointed out that the DVLA likely wouldn’t approve something that pedestrians couldn’t see coming. So, instead, it made sense to give her the outrageous Lamborghini Huracán – a fast and agile supercar, which you simply can’t miss in those blue, red and gold colours.

Captain America – Ford Mustang GT350R

Captain America is as much a symbol of the good, ol’ US-of-A as Uncle Sam, apple pie and, of course, the muscle car. Because of that, the chemically-enhanced Steve Rogers deserves to own a machine that defines the breed – the Ford Mustang. Coated from front to back in the colours of the self-professed Land of Opportunity, this Mustang is as striking as a patriotic punch to Hitler’s face.

The car will be made out of the same invincible metal as Cap’s iconic shield – and even has a spot for it slap-bang in the centre of the bonnet. There’s also a “Watch your language” inscription on the front bumper. Because memes.

Iron Man – Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Iron Man is famous for his lavish car collection, of which the Audi R8 is the most recognisable (for us Europeans, at least). However, the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is a much more appropriate fit for Tony Stark’s all-American playboy lifestyle. The insane power of the Corvette Z06’s engine makes it an ideal counterpart to the futuristic might of the Iron Man suit itself.

Also worth noting about this Corvette Z06 is the large arc reactor on its bonnet, which Tony Stark WAS ABLE TO BUILD IN A CAVE! WITH A BOX’A SCRAPS!

Spider-Man – Ferrari 488 Spider

Spider-Man driving a Ferrari 488 Spider. It was a pun that had to be made. Although, the car’s suitability for New York’s resident web-slinger actually goes way beyond mere wordplay. Both the 488 and its superhero owner are flashy and loud, while the car’s convertible nature makes it easy for Spider-Man to leap out and take to the air at a moment’s notice.

The colour scheme of the 488 has been designed to match Spidey’s brash-looking suit. And let’s not overlook that “With great power comes great driving skills” slogan on the windscreen, which is bound to make Uncle Ben turn in his grave faster than a fidget spinner.

Wolverine – Audi R8

That’s right, it’s a car with hair. Drink it in.

The obvious appeal of Wolverine is that everything he does is as gruff and cool as possible. His voice is cool, his powers are cool and his look is hairy cool. So what better fit is there for him than an Audi R8, which continues in that same… umm… cool vein. Not only is it a fast beast, but the sleek curves are the perfect compliment to Wolverine’s own slashing, adamantium claws.

Admittedly, Magneto could crush this car like a beer can. But we’ll gloss over that for now…

Deadpool – Ford Mondeo

Deadpool is all about breaking superhero conventions. So, in lieu of a fancy 250mph supercar, the charismatic mercenary gets a subversive – but still quick – Ford Mondeo.

The down-to-earth vehicle is far roomier than anything else on this list, giving Wade Wilson plenty of space to do all the weird, unpredictable stuff that he loves to do. He can store his twin katanas, carry all his guns or finally give Dopinder a lift for a change!

The Hulk – Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6

The Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 is a heavy, durable monster of a vehicle that’s almost as unbreakable as the Incredible Hulk’s purple pants.

It ticks all the obvious boxes for our big, green friend by being imposing, gigantic and strong, with those added wheels letting it accommodate the immense frame of an angry Bruce Banner. The G63 will do a lot of damage and certainly scare off any villains that see it approaching – much like Hulk himself.

Aquaman – Toyota Mirai

As an ocean-dwelling, fish-controlling superhero, Aquaman is entirely useless at stopping any crime that doesn’t happen several leagues underwater. But hopefully the hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai will tempt the Atlantian onto dry land.

Appropriately, this economical car’s only waste product is water. It gets an orange-and-green colour scheme, too, and has been rendered 100% leak-proof. Behind the wheel of his own Mirai, Aquaman can quickly drive to crimes happening outside of the sea and… throw fish at them, or something.