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What real cars would superheroes drive?

The world’s most famous superheroes have also owned some of the globe’s most outlandish cars. Batman has the Batmobile and Iron Man has an extensive car collection but what would our comic-book heroes drive if they had to pick from today’s new-car market?

We put our heads together and cranked up our Photoshop settings to ‘implausible’  to bring you the cars we think they’d drive. Do you agree? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in our comments section below.

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Batman – BMW M2

Compared to the custom-built Batmobile, a BMW M2 might seem a step down for the caped crusader. We think, however, the M2’s compact city-friendly dimensions and prodigious power will give Batman the speed and manoeuvrability he needs to slip through Gotham’s congested streets. We’re also sure the big-eared one would appreciate his car as the perfect homage to the classic CSL racer of the same name.

Despite its humble origins, the Dark Knight’s BMW gets a few custom enhancements – bat-shaped kidney grilles and ear-like fins leave baddies in no doubt who’s about to bring them to justice, while M1-inspired alloy wheels look cool and protect vital components. For active duty, it comes armed with bat ninja stars in the front bumper and a side-mounted grappling hook for comically tight turns.

Superman – Bugatti Chiron

For a man who can reverse the flow of time simply by flying around the world fast enough, only the ultimate speed machine will do. While the new Bugatti Chiron might be somewhat pedestrian compared to Superman’s own powers, if he needs to bring Lois Lane along for the ride, it’s an ideal alternative.

Naturally, only a blue, red and yellow colour scheme would do, extending even as far as the wheels, headlights and front grille. This latter component has been swapped out from Bugatti’s horseshoe-shaped one to mirror the man of steel’s iconic badge. The cabin isn’t big enough for him to transform back to Clark Kent, so the sat-nav automatically locates the nearest phone booth making it easy to go undercover.

Wonder Woman – Lamborghini Huracán

Following a series of awkward insurance claims, Wonder Woman has moved on from her invisible vehicles to one that’ll prove less of a hazard to unwitting pedestrians. The legendary warrior princess needs something with plenty of speed and agility along with a healthy dose of style so – the Lamborghini Huracán for example.

This unhinged Italian supercar looks resplendent in Wonder Woman’s traditional red and blue colours, neatly contrasted against the gold on the alloy wheels, bonnet and windscreen. With 602hp to call on and grippy four-wheel drive to deploy it, the Lambo has just enough ability to keep up with the fearsome Amazonian.

Captain America – Ford Mustang GT350R

Captain America isn’t just named after his homeland – he is the physical embodiment of the US’s power and lust for freedom. As such, it’s only fitting he drives one of the most historic cars from that proud nation – the Ford Mustang. To get the Captain into the fight on time, he’s driving the ultimate version – the GT350R with 526hp from its screaming flat-plane-crank V8.

The same vibranium steel alloy that makes up Captain America’s near-indestructible shield can be found in the doors, allowing our hero to take cover from fire. Below the gaping front grille is a reminder to watch your language – a mantra for the ever-respectable red, white and blue superhero.

Iron Man – Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Tony Stark’s Iron Man isn’t exactly bereft of new cars with the Audi R8 supercar being one of his personal favourites. Despite its good looks, the Audi lacks the ability to make use of the arc reactor technology that powers Iron Man’s suit – that’s where the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 comes in. As an all-American car that’s no stranger to power upgrades, the Corvette makes an ideal test bed for Stark to tinker with.

Replacing the monstrous V8 with an arc reactor means fitting electric motors, helping Stark Industries get closer to its carbon-neutral commitment. The instantly recognisable Iron Man crimson and gold paint is present and correct but we trust Tony will purchase a fleet of ‘vettes to make sure he has the right one for any occasion.

Spider-Man – Ferrari 488 Spider

See what we did there? What car better suits the Amazing Spider-Man than Ferrari’s own Spider – the 488. While there are few better ways to traverse New York’s congested streets than swinging above them, should Spidey fancy keeping his feet on the ground, this would be an ideal car to do it in.

The outside echoes his eye-catching lycra suit while unique web wheels give it an extra level of spider style. Rather than being simply a neat opportunity for a pun, the spider convertible roof means our hero can immediately jump out the car in the event of an attack, ready to do battle with the world’s evil-doers.

Wolverine – Audi R8

Wolverine is one of the most memorable members of the X-Men and is known for being a bit of a loose cannon. For the times he goes out on his own, is there a car better suited to him than the Audi R8? Befitting its clawed owner, the R8 sports a pair of impressive sideburns behind the doors that lend some animal magnetism.

Like all superheroes, Wolverine generally needs to get where he’s going pretty quickly meaning his car has to be suited to driving at very high speeds. To lend more stability when chasing down Magneto or other villains, the R8’s front is dominated by sharpened winglets to improve downforce and, should the situation arise, to eviscerate unfortunate enemies.

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Deadpool – Ford Mondeo/Fusion

There isn’t a superhero convention that Deadpool hasn’t broken so it’s understandable he’d have little interest in a flashy superhero’s car. This unconventional mercenary’s ride of choice is none other than a Ford Mondeo (dubbed the Fusion in the US) – a humble taxi.

Obviously, it’s outfitted in colours to match Deadpool’s costume and has mounting points on the rear for his swords. The other advantage of using a more down-to-earth car than some featured here is that it comes with a practical boot – large enough for the spoils of a successful mission or for anyone unfortunate enough to cross its eccentric owner.

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The Hulk – Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6

The Hulk has to be one of the physically largest superheroes in existence – at around eight-feet tall, few cars can accommodate his impressive stature. That’s where the Mercedes G63 6×6 comes in – all our angry green friend need do is hop in the flatbed behind the cabin and reach through the window to control the car. Should he calm down and resume his Bruce Banner form, he can simply jump in the luxurious cabin and continue his journey.

The 6×6 is already an imposing car but baddies are sure to run to the hills when they see it approach in this shade of lurid radioactive green. Like its owner, the G63’s modesty is protected by a flash of purple in the form of bulging wheelarches housing chunky off-road tyres.

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Aquaman – Toyota Mirai

Aquaman’s mastery of the waves makes him the ideal candidate for the new Toyota Mirai hydrogen-powered car. Having access to plentiful supplies of water means he’ll never run out of fuel and, with only water coming out the exhaust, he needn’t feel guilty about driving it about. Plus, thanks to some choice waterproofing, Aquaman’s Mirai can be driven underwater where its exceptional drag coefficient – helped by additional fins – will help it move swiftly.

Matching our hero’s costume, the Mirai is outfitted in orange and green paint with the same gold detailing from Aquaman’s costume. The body is made up of bulletproof ‘scales’ that can be individually replaced should they become damaged. That’s an unlikely event, however – the Mirai’s electric motor means Aquaman will be able to silently sneak up to his enemies long before they’ve spotted him.

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