Fiat Qubo Review and Prices

The Fiat Qubo is a compact people carrier with a roomy cabin and a big boot. It’s packed with practical features but it feels very cheap inside and it’s pretty sluggish to drive.

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What's good

  • Easy to drive
  • Cheap to buy
  • Very roomy cabin

What's not so good

  • Engines feel feeble
  • Tacky interior plastics
  • Divisive van-like styling

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Is the Fiat Qubo a good car?

The Fiat Qubo is a small MPV with a roomy interior and a very practical boot. If you’re searching for a bigger alternative to a small hatchback and don’t fancy an SUV, this funky-looking, boxy car could be the answer.

If the Fiat Qubo will likely remind you of a small van with windows, that’ll be because it uses plenty of the same mechanical bits and bobs as the Italian firm’s smallest commercial vehicle. As a result, it doesn’t have quite the same street-cred as an equally tall and boxy SUV, but you won’t have any trouble finding it in a crowded supermarket car park.

The Fiat Qubo’s interior carries on the theme set out by its boxy exterior. The dashboard is pretty plain, save for a few silver plastic panels, but at least the knobs for the heating and the buttons for the stereo are easy to reach.

It doesn’t feel as plush or as solid as many similarly priced hatchbacks, however, and you can’t add any colour to the Qubo’s pretty drab interior with any posher trims or colourful inserts. Almost every surface feels hard and brittle too, but at least you get a rubber floor as standard which is a doddle to keep clean.

This form-over-function approach runs right the way through the Fiat Qubo’s cabin. There are acres of headroom, the front doors open nice and wide and the back doors slide rather than swing open so it’s easy for passengers to climb in – even in tight parking spaces.

If you’re looking for an unashamedly practical box on wheels, the budget-minded Fiat Qubo makes a good choice. Just don’t expect it to win any admiring glances…

Mat Watson
Mat Watson
Carwow expert

Once inside, they’ll find there’s loads of legroom to stretch out – even if they’re tall and sit behind a six-foot driver. The three back seats are all equally wide so you can carry three adults at once without anyone fighting over who has to sit in the middle seat.

If no-one’s tagging along for the ride you can flip the back seats forward and use the Fiat Qubo to carry absolutely masses of luggage. The boot’s wide and square and comes without any kind of load lip so it’s dead easy to slide in some heavy furniture. You can even fold the front passenger seat forward to carry really long items.

With the back seats in place, the Qubo can carry about the same amount as a small family hatchback such as the Skoda Fabia.

Speaking of which, the Fiat Qubo feels remarkably like a conventional hatchback to drive – despite its boxy shape and tall body. Sure, you’d never call it fun, but it irons out bumps reasonably well around town and doesn’t lean excessively on twisty roads.

You can get the Fiat Qubo with one petrol and one diesel engine. Neither are particularly gutsy, but the latter’s your best bet if you spend any length of time on the motorway while the petrol will suit inner-city drivers better.

You can’t get the Qubo with any particularly clever safety feature like you can in most small hatchbacks or SUVs, but when it comes to outright load-carrying ability, this quirky van-based MPV offers decent value for money. Check out our Fiat Qubo deals to see how much you can save on one.