Could this be the new Mazda RX-9?

March 25, 2024 by

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Could this new concept car from Mazda signal the return of the RX-8? Read on for all you need to know…

  • Could this be the new Mazda RX-9?
  • Mazda Iconic SP concept revealed
  • Compact sports car with a rotary engine…
  • …But not as you remember it
  • Traditional sports car design
  • 370hp and weighs 1,450kg
  • May go on sale in 2025

This is the Mazda Iconic SP concept, and fans of the old RX-7 and RX-8 may be very excited to see a rotary engine under the bonnet of this sleek sports car.

Well before you start getting too carried away, this car signals the return of the Wankel in a different way, because the dual-rotor petrol engine is actually just a generator to charge some batteries. That’s right, this is an EV with a range extender, a bit like the Mazda MX-30 REV.

New Mazda Iconic SP design

With todays influx of massive SUVs, the Mazda Iconic SP is a breath of fresh air for car enthusiasts. It has something of the old Mazda RX-7 about it, albeit with a modern twist.

The long, sloped bonnet and haunched wings make it look like a true sports car, and those slim pop-up headlights ape those found on the RX-7. As cool as they are, you can expect these to change for production. Pop-ups were phased out back in the 90s because of pedestrian safety regulations. The lack of fake grilles gives this car a sleek, clean look up front.

The Iconic SP also has a pretty traditional side profile thanks to the stubby rear end and wheel-at-each-corner stance. It has some Aston Martin-esque doors as well which open upwards, and there are some chunky side skirts.

When you look at this car from the rear, you can see the flared rear arches which help make the car look more muscular. The tail lights also have a simple, round design which make it look almost Ferrari-ish.

New Mazda Iconic SP motors and performance

This is the closest thing we’ve had to a reincarnation of the Mazda RX-8, however the dual-rotor Wankel engine in the Iconic SP doesn’t function in the traditional sports car way. This is actually, shock-horror, and electric car. That iconic petrol engine under the bonnet acts as a generator to charge the battery and boost range.

See how a bonkers rotary-engined sports car gets on in a drag race…

Mazda says that this car will have 370hp, around 35hp more than a Toyota Supra and 35hp more than the single-motor version of the forthcoming MG Cyberster is expected to get. The engineers have also managed to keep the weight down, with the Iconic SP tipping the scales at 1,450kg. That’s almost 50kg lighter than a Supra.

The engine can also run on a variety of fuels, including hydrogen. Running the Iconic SP on renewable fuels such as this means you can throw your sports car around on a backroad in a carbon-neutral state.

New Mazda Iconic SP interior

The cabin of the new Mazda Iconic SP has an equally minimalist design as the exterior, helping keep things looking driver-focussed.

You have a sporty-looking three-spoke steering wheel, a simple driver’s display and a central infotainment screen to control most of the car’s functions. There’s also some body-coloured flashes across the doors, and the whole cabin is trimmed in a posh suede material.

When can I buy a new Mazda Iconic SP?

Being a concept car, probably not for a while yet. You’re likely to have to wait until at least 2025 before you see this car in a production-ready state. Until then, the MX-5 will be your go-to for backroad kicks.

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