Mercedes AMG C63 Coupe

Good-looking coupe with relentless pace

This score is awarded by our team of expert reviewers after extensive testing of the car
  • The noise
  • The torque
  • Devours rear tyres
  • Devours rear tyres
  • Not the lightest among rivals
  • Suspension could be more forgiving

£63,515 - £73,020 Price range

4 Seats

32 MPG


The Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe is the fastest version of the two-door C-Class, rivalling models such as the Lexus RC-F, BMW M4 and the Audi RS5.

To the already exceptional interior of the regular C-Class Coupe, the C63 adds plenty of carbon-fibre, alcantara leather and polished metal to make it as sporty and as distinguishable as possible. Passenger space is good for the driver and front passenger but the back seats are best suited for kids and the boot is surprisingly small for what is a bigger car than its predecessor.

Testers liked the way the new C63 AMG Coupe drives. It has lost none of the lunatic straight line speed of the old car and can still easily break into a gracious and controllable power slide at will, but it is now more composed in corners thanks to a bespoke suspension set-up and a unique stability control system.

The 4.0-litre V8 powering the C63 Coupe is powerful, smooth and incredibly noisy – in a good way. Its broad spread of pulling power and the sheer amount of it make for either explosive corner exit speeds or motorway cruising at slightly above tick-over.

This being the most expensive version of an already premium car means it gets lots of kit as standard. Every C63 AMG Coupe comes with adaptive cruise control, an infotainment system with internet access, sculpted electrically adjustable sports leather seats and LED adaptive headlights.

Some performance cars are criticised for having an interior too similar to their more basic version, but that’s not true for the C63 AMG Coupe. Inside, you’ll find a sea of carbon fibre and plenty of metal buttons and switches that combined with the alcantara-trimmed steering wheel in the S model make for a very nice place to sit.

Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe passenger space

The most noticeable difference between the C63 Coupe and the saloon is it’s sloping roofline. The stylish looks of the car come at the cost of less rear head room so adults taller than six feet heads will touch the roof.

The two front sport seats are much better suited for tall people because they have extra long runners and have already impressed critics in the saloon and estate versions of the C63 AMG. Equipped on the C63 S AMG are incredibly thin race-style seats that provide a lower driving position and body-hugging support. 

Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe boot space

The new C63 AMG Coupe is longer and wider than the old one yet has a boot that is 95 litres smaller at 355 litres in total. For comparison an M4 has a bigger 445-litre boot and the RC-F can fit marginally more luggage too at 366 litres.

Most AMG models in the past were very fast in a straight line, but in the corners they were slower than the more agile BMW M4s and grippier four-wheel-drive Audi RS5s. According to reviewers the C63 AMG Coupe is set to change that. While the saloon and estate versions are still more about show than fast lap times, the coupe has been constructed from the ground up with the purpose of beating the M4 in the corners. To get a better understanding of the makeover the C-Class Coupe received, the only body panels it shares with the C63 AMG Coupe are the doors and the roof.

The changes in the bodywork were essential to accommodate the car’s wider track and longer dimensions and it’s now as wide as the AMG GT supercar. While the C63 AMG Coupe can still do controlled power slides if you switch the traction control off, it’s a more well-rounded talent now. In Sport mode the unique Bosch stability control doesn’t feel limiting, but actually enhances your line and speed. 

The old C63 AMG’s hydraulic power steering has made way for an electrically assisted set-up (as seen on all of it’s rivals), but according to testers Mercedes has done a really good job of making it feel just right.

One of the C63’s biggest problems is that it’s not exactly light – at over 1,700kg it weighs about the same as an RC-F but is a hefty 350kgs heavier than an M4.

Gone is the 6.2-litre naturally aspirated mammoth engine of old and in it’s place is a highly advanced 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8. The loss of displacement is compensated by two turbos that are mounted between the cylinders for a more immediate throttle response.

There are two Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe models to choose from – the “standard” C63 AMG and the quicker C63 S AMG. The latter has 510hp and sprints from 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds and on to a limited top speed of 155mph, or 185mph if you go for the optional AMG Driver’s package. The standard non-S car ‘makes do’ with 476hp and a 0-62mph time of 4.0 seconds. Speed has never been a problem for AMGs and keeping with that tradition the C63 AMG Coupe accelerates faster than both the M4 (4.1 seconds) and the RC-F (4.5 seconds). The Mercedes has them beaten on top speed too with the Lexus topping out at 168mph and the BMW at 170mph.

Testers like the new engine and say the C63 has lost none of the charm of the old car – the relentless acceleration is still there as is the noise. And in a time when car manufacturers are resorting to generating artificial sound in the interior, the C63 does it old school – there are two flaps in the standard sports exhaust, and when they open, an addictive engine note fills the cabin –and also the surrounding neighbourhood.

The smaller engine also improves fuel economy which is now 32mpg compared to 23mpg for the old 6.2-litre model.

As mentioned earlier there are two C63 AMG Coupes to choose from – the regular one and the S one, plus a special edition called the Edition 1.

The difference between the C63 AMG and the C63 AMG S is mainly the electronically controlled locking differential in the latter that provides huge cornering grip. Further upgrades that the S receives are 19-inch alloys compared to the 18-inch versions in the regular model and a more aggressive AMG body kit. Inside, the S gets AMG performance seats that are upholstered in Nappa leather and an upgraded infotainment system with an 8.4-inch display.

Mercedes C63 S AMG Edition 1

The sportiest C63 S AMG comes with DTM (German touring car racing) inspired decals on the bonnet, roof and boot lid and 19/20-inch wheels in matt black colour. There is also the AMG Aerodynamics package that comes with a larger front splitter and a rear diffuser with three vertical fins, while inside DTM heritage is represented by stitching and trim details in yellow and there’s a Burmeister surround sound system if you get bored (highly unlikely) of the engine sound.


While the old C63 AMG Coupe was a bit one-sided only able to provide speed and sound, at the cost of agility, the new one is a much more capable all-rounder. The speed and the magnificent noise are present in force, but now there is actual cornering ability, too. The choice between BMW and Mercedes used to be simple – the C63 was the lovable muscle car and the M4 the precision machine and each found its own fanbase. Now, though, the excellent handling of the Mercedes makes the choice more difficult than it has ever been.

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