Mercedes AMG C63 Review

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The C63 is Mercedes’ latest offering in the sports-saloon sector, aiming to tackle its longstanding rival the BMW M3, and the brilliant new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

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When one thinks of super saloons, Mercedes immediately springs to mind. Its AMG tuning arm has produced some frankly bonkers creations over the past years, squeezing large engines into relatively unassuming-looking executive cars.

And this is the latest offering in the small executive class, the Mercedes-AMG C63 is, thanks to a shake-up in Mercedes’ naming conventions, the car formerly known as the Mercedes C63 AMG. In order to combine even more startling performance with a little added efficiency, it is the first AMG-tuned C-Class to feature turbochargers. A route the BMW M3 has also taken.

The latest C63 is in a different league to its predecessors.

Mat Watson
carwow expert

Traditionally, the M3 has been the car to go for if you’re looking for thrills, but the most-recent version is a little bit of a disappointment – thanks to its fake noise and edgy handling. By comparison, the present C63 is arguably Mercedes’ best yet.

A performance saloon such as this wouldn’t be much use if it wasn’t usable every day, and in that respect the C63 lives up to the task. Refinement is first rate, the ride is firm but never harsh, and aside from slightly tight headroom in the rear, it’s a spacious, practical car.

Unlike the M3 or the Giulia, a more practical estate version is also available if you require extra space.

For a more detailed look at the C63, click through to the interior, practicality, driving and specifications sections of our test over the following pages. Or, to see what sort of offers are available on the C63, click through to the deals page.

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