New Mercedes-AMG One revealed: a Formula 1 car for the road

June 01, 2022 by

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The Mercedes-AMG One is finally here. It’s a bit like a Formula One car for the road, and the performance is bonkers. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Mercedes-AMG One revealed
  • Formula One car for the road
  • 1.6-litre F1 V6 engine
  • Combined output of 1,063 hp
  • 0-124mph in under six seconds
  • Costs over £2 million
  • All 275 units have sold out

The Mercedes-AMG One has been revealed, five years after it was announced as a concept.

This hypercar features all sorts of Formula One technology, including the 1.6-litre V6 engine from the 2015 Mercedes F1 car.

New Mercedes-AMG One design

Few road cars in the past decade look quite as purposeful as the Mercedes-AMG One, and the design is very much a case of function over form.

The front end is super low to the ground and every vent serves a purpose. Downforce is also adjustable by moving the splitter and opening some vents above the front wheels.

Down the sides, all the lower bodywork is bare carbon, and that shark fin you can see on the roof is to aid stability. There’s also a roof scoop to feed air into the engine, just like on a Formula One car.

The huge spoiler at the rear has two positions depending on how much downforce you need, and the diffuser also helps with this. The central exhaust design is copied from Mercedes hybrid F1 cars.

New Mercedes-AMG One engine

You may not believe that this hypercar has a 1.6-litre V6 engine, but it traces its roots back to the 2015 Mercedes F1 car.

It’s assisted by two electric motors, one to boost the engine and one fitted to the F1-style turbocharger. Combined, the engine and motors produce 1,063hp

Mercedes claim that this car will do 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds, and 0-124mph in under six seconds. The top speed is over 217mph.

New Mercedes-AMG One interior

Stepping through the butterfly doors reveals a rather special cabin in the Mercedes-AMG One, with plenty of carbon fibre and racy materials.

The flat, square steering wheel is inspired by Formula One and features LED shift lights. This is adjustable along with the pedalbox to find your ideal driving position as the seats are fixed in place.

Speaking of those seats, they’re trimmed in Nappa leather and a special non-slip fabric to hold you in place around corners. The whole dashboard is also a structural piece to stiffen the chassis.

You get two 10.0-inch screens in the AMG One, a central infotainment system and a digital drivers display.

How much does the new Mercedes-AMG One cost?

Just 275 of these new Mercedes-AMG One’s are going to be built, with production starting later this year.

They cost over £2 million, but don’t reach for your wallet just yet as they’ve all already been sold.

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