Ford Focus ST gets 271hp Mountune upgrade

October 05, 2015 by

Ford’s Focus ST is already a great hot hatch but is the new Mountune performance upgrade and the promise of 271hp just too good to pass up?

If you’ve always wanted a Ford Focus ST but felt its 247hp was underwhelming, the tuning wizards at Mountune have just the car for you. A mixture of new performance parts and electronic upgrades bump the power of the already potent ST to a heady 271hp.

If you’ve read our review of the latest Focus ST, you’ll know we love this superb value hot hatch. This £1,195 option promises even more smiles per mile than the standard car.

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A larger capacity intercooler, new dual entry air filter and a performance oriented re-tuning of the engine all form part of the package. Not only can it be fitted in under two hours, it comes covered under the standard Ford warranty.

Owners who plump for the Mountune upgrade can expect to be pushed more firmly into their seats as they accelerate. It makes 15 per cent more torque at lower revs than the standard ST and 10 per cent more power.

The Mountune upgrade and and the extra power it supplies may, however, prove a little too much for the standard Ford torque vectoring system. Even in standard ST guise, some reviewers have commented that the system sometimes struggles to contain the power so an additional 24hp probably won’t have helped.

So, is this an upgrade worth considering for the majority of ST owners? If you just want a fast Ford on a budget, the standard ST will be plenty. If, however, it is the ultimate ST you’re after and you promise to control your right foot, then the Mountune Focus ST is for you.

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