New Mercedes-AMG S63 on sale in Germany: everything we know so far

April 05, 2023 by

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This is the new Mercedes S63 AMG hybrid, and it’s the most powerful S-Class the German brand has ever made. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Mercedes-AMG S63 on sale in Germany
  • Prices start from £182,000
  • First ever hybrid AMG S-Class
  • 802hp and 1,430Nm of torque
  • 0-60mph in 3.3 seconds
  • AMG-specific interior options

The new Mercedes-AMG S63 E-Performance has gone on sale in Germany, and prices start from 208,392 euros. That’s just over £182,000.

In total, this alternative to the BMW M760Li and Bentley Flying Spur Speed has a whopping 802hp from its hybrid V8 engine and comes packed with all the luxurious goodies you could wish for.

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New Mercedes-AMG S63 design

You won’t be mistaking the new Mercedes-AMG S63 for a standard S-Class anytime soon. This is one aggressive-looking luxury saloon.

You get an AMG-specific grille up front with vertical slats, as well as a deeper front bumper with huge air intakes. You can also opt for some additional carbon fibre on the front end for even more sports-car street cred.

There’s even more carbon fibre down the side on the skirts and door mirrors. 20-inch alloy wheels come as standard, but you can upgrade to 21-inch forged alloys which are lighter and stronger.

At the rear, you’ll find the usual array of AMG badging, as well as a big rear diffuser. There’s also some dark chrome trim, as well as the traditional AMG oblong quad tailpipes.

New Mercedes-AMG S63 engine and hybrid system

This new Mercedes-AMG S63 is the first AMG-tuned S-Class to feature plug-in hybrid technology. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just for the sake of the environment though – it’s mainly there to boost performance.

Under the bonnet, you’ll find a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine similar to the one you get in the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance. This is paired with an electric motor on the rear axle.

Watch Mat’s video review of the hybrid AMG GT 63 S below…

Combined, this engine and motor combo produce 802hp and a whopping 1,430Nm of torque. That’s enough to push the S63 luxo-barge from 0-60mph in 3.3 seconds and on to a top speed of 180mph.

The AMG S63 can also drive in pure electric mode for up to 20 miles thanks to a 13.1kWh battery.

New Mercedes-AMG S63 gearbox and all-wheel-drive

The powerful hybrid system isn’t the only clever bit of engineering for the new S63, it also gets a unique gearbox and all-wheel-drive setup.

The engine gets a nine-speed automatic gearbox, which is pretty normal, but the electric motor also gets its own two-speed gearbox.

In normal driving, the engine and motor send all their power to the rear wheels, but an electronic clutch can send power to the front wheels if it detects any wheel slip.

This is similar to the setup you get in the AMG GT Four Door S E Performance.

New Mercedes-AMG S63 interior

The cabin of the Mercedes S-Class was already a special place to sit, but this new AMG S63 gets a few upgrades to make it feel more sporty.

The most obvious difference sits right in front of you; it’s the AMG specific steering wheel. It has two dials at the bottom for switching between the various driving modes, and its design is chunkier than the one in a standard S-Class.

You also get some AMG-specific infotainment displays, as well as some supportive sports seats with optional AMG embroidery.

Those sitting in the rear of the AMG S63 are treated to all the luxury features you’d expect from an S-Class including reclining seats, fluffy head pillows and their own entertainment displays.

You can even see all the performance and track data from the rear seats, so you can sack your chauffeur if they’re driving like a hooligan.

How much does the new Mercedes-AMG S63 cost?

The new Mercedes-AMG S63 is available to order in Germany now, with deliveries starting from May this year. Expect it to hit UK shores shortly after this.

Prices in Europe start from 208,392 euros, which is just over £182,000, and there are plenty of options to push the price up even more. Ceramic brakes for example will set you back 8,895 Euros (£7,800), the forged 210-inch wheels cost 3,808 Euros (£3,300) and a panoramic glass sunroof adds 1,939 Euros to the price (£1,700).

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