New quad-motor electric Ferrari supercar on the way – is this what it’ll look like?

December 12, 2022 by

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Ferrari is working on its first-ever electric car. This game-changing super EV is set to arrive before 2026. Read on for exclusive images showing what it could look like. 

  • Ferrari confirms plans for first electric car
  • Electric supercar set to arrive before 2026
  • Could come with four electric motors
  • More than 1,000hp possible
  • Could be the most powerful Ferrari ever

If you thought the idea of Ferrari building an SUV was wild, wait until you see what else the Italian brand is cooking up…

Yes, V12-loving Ferrari is planning to build its first fully electric car and put it on sale as early as 2025. The plans were confirmed by CEO, Benedetto Vigna, who expects pure electric cars to account for around 5% of the brand’s global sales in 2026.

These exclusive renderings (shown throughout) imagine what this new car could look like, taking inspiration from contemporary Ferraris, classic supercars and the firm’s brand-new 499P Le Mans hypercar.

Official details are few and far between, but patent filings (shown below) suggest the new electric car could take the form of a two-door supercar rather than a large four-door coupe like the electric Porsche Taycan.


This image shows a large battery pack mounted behind the driver and under a pair of front seats. This layout is similar to the one Porsche is considering using for the electric successor to the 718 Cayman and Boxster.

Watch Mat’s video below for a sneak peek at what those electric Porsche sports cars could look like…

Anyway, back to Ferrari because its first electric car could be significantly more powerful and faster than anything Porsche has up its sleeve…

Another patent image (below) shows a bird’s-eye view of an electric car featuring four electric motors.

This layout uses one motor for each wheel in a similar manner to the record-breaking Rimac Nevera hypercar. Porsche’s forthcoming sports car is expected to have no more than two motors.

Ferrari has already dabbled in electric technologies. The SF90 uses three electric motors to give its twin-turbo V8 engine a 220hp boost.

Not only that, but Ferrari has also revealed a Vision Gran Turismo concept car (below) specifically for driving-sim fans to race in the Gran Turismo 7 video game that shows what even more powerful future Ferraris could be like.

Don’t expect this binary barnstormer’s impractical one-seat layout to appear in future Ferraris, but the beefed-up electrical system might.

The Vision Gran Turismo comes with three motors producing 326hp. These work alongside a twin-turbo V6 engine to deliver a striking 1,356hp punch.

But, there’s a chance Ferrari’s first electric car could borrow its electronic oomph from somewhere else… Possibly from the world of racing.

Ferrari has just revealed the new 499P racing car. This hybrid sportscar will compete in the World Endurance Championship in 2023 and uses the same 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 as the digital concept car, but it’s also packing a 280hp electric motor that helps drive the front wheels.

This is the most powerful electric motor fitted to any current Ferrari (yes, that’s including cars that only exist as a string of code in a Gran Turismo video game).

Could four of these motors producing more than 1,100hp find their way into a future electric Ferrari supercar?

Whatever motors Ferrari’s first electric car uses, you can expect to see the finished car revealed sometime in 2025.

How much will it cost? Well, Ferrari plans to continue making cars powered purely by internal combustion engines until 2030, possibly with the help of renewable synthetic fuels.

These cars will inevitably be some of the most expensive and exclusive cars the brand has ever made – think more along the lines of the naturally aspirated SP3 Daytona than the hybrid SF90…

The firm’s first electric car may be a statement model designed to outperform flagship electric cars from the likes of Porsche and Tesla, but one that doesn’t tread on the toes of the brand’s ultra-exclusive petrol-powered flagships.

This means a new Ferrari EV might be priced more in line with the near-£400,000 SF90, and not in the same league as a multi-million-pound Rimac Nevera.

See how the Rimac Nevera compares to a current Ferrari SF90 Stradale in Mat’s drag race video, below…

That said, you’ll still have to jump through hoops just to get your name on the wait list – no matter how rich you are.

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