McMurtry Spéirling review: driving the fastest accelerating car in the world

December 15, 2022 by

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Mat gets in the cockpit of what is now the fastest car he’s ever driven

McMurtry Spéirling specs

Motors: Two rear-mounted electric motors

Power: 1,000hp

Top speed: >200mph

0-60mph: 1.4 seconds

Price: £2m

McMurtry Spéirling design

To make the fastest accelerating car around, it needs to be streamlined and perfectly tuned to slip through the air. The Spéirling is just that. Inspired by a peregrine falcon, its compact footprint is super slippery and helps channel the air.

But what makes the McMurtry special is its fan system. Mounted behind the cockpit are two fans, spooling up to 23,000rpm to suck the air out from underneath and create more than two tonnes of downforce from standstill – enough so it could stick the ceiling with the fans at full speed. 

McMurtry Spéirling interior

As a single seater, it’s not the most spacious and means you have to be pretty selfish when driving one of these to not share the experience. But for that you get a cockpit designed around Le Mans-style regulations that keeps you safe in a crash.

There’s not a lot of features to work with though. No cupholders, infotainment or place to store anything – just an advanced, racing-style steering wheel with all your important figures and a seating position to match the racing pedigree. 

McMurtry Spéirling driving

The only thing that can get close to the performance of the Spéirling is the Rimac Nevera, and that gets left in the dust. The McMurtry can do an astounding 1.4s 0-60mph sprint, before reaching 100mph in less than 2.7 seconds. 

Driving the car that broke the Goodwood Hill Climb record in 2022, which was geared to top out at 150mph, Mat reached that mark in just over five seconds. And to top it all off, the quarter-mile was done in 7.97 seconds – a staggering feat, easily breaking our record for fastest time on the channel. 

This time also beats Rimac’s official world record of 8.532s by almost six-tenths of a second – putting itself into another league for road car performance. 

Although Mat hasn’t done any true track driving in the video, the Spéirling is capable of matching almost any other race car on one-lap pace – even Formula One cars. With the downforce on demand, it’s easy for anyone to get in and feel F1-style downforce. 

McMurtry Spéirling verdict

If you have the ways and means of buying the Spéirling, do so. For ultimate thrills from an electric car, nothing comes close.