Zenvo unveils Aurora hypercar: 1,825hp electric supercar in detail

August 17, 2023 by

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With a 6.6-litre quad-turbocharged V12 engine, the Aurora has 1,825hp with the help of up to two electric motors depending on the trim level. Read on to find out more.

  • New hypercar from Zenvo
  • Available in Agil and Tur configurations
  • Comes with quad-turbo 6.6-litre V12
  • Power up to 1,825hp
  • Goes from 0-60mph in just 2.3 seconds
  • Deliveries to begin in 2026

Danish carmaker Zenvo has unveiled its lightest and most powerful model ever, the Aurora. With a monstrous 6.6-litre quad-turbocharged V12 that combines with either one or three electric motors depending on spec for additional punch, the Aurora has up to 1,825hp and 1,700Nm.

Built on a carbon fibre monocoque chassis, you have the option of two versions to choose from – although both are limited to 50 units each.

Zenvo Aurora design

The Aurora comes in two forms, Agil and Tur – Danish for ‘agile’ and ‘touring’. Agil features more aerodynamic detailing for track driving, while Tur is more simplified and suited for high speed – but is the proud owner of two additional electric motors on the front axle that increase the power output. Both match their carbon fibre monocoque with carbon fibre body panels.

For both versions, you can see a lot of similarities with the previous Zenvo models but it’s mixed with some aspects of the Aston Martin Valkyrie with its open sections from the front allowing air around and over the bodywork. It also has some elements of McLaren thrown in there too.

At the front, there are thin daytime running lights and rather small headlight units, while the channels around the monocoque chassis show the suspension and steering rods along with an F1-style front diffuser.

Down the side, it looks a lot like other carbon fibre-monocoqued cars – like the Aston Martin Valkyrie and McLaren Senna – with a sleek roofline and butterfly doors. There’s also other aero elements to aid airflow down the side and around the cabin.

At the rear, it looks very serious. There are air channels to the rear diffuser – which is massive by the way – below a huge rear wing that has an air brake, while there’s four exits to the exhaust system.

The Tur is much tidier, with no mad wings or fins to help with downforce around a track. Much like a Porsche 911 GT3 Touring to the 911 GT3, it is sleeker than the Agil, making it better for high speed and making the most of the explosive power under the bonnet.

Zenvo Aurora interior

There is space for two in the cabin, although with the Agil, there’s not a lot of creature comforts for your passenger to enjoy.

The track-focused version has a full carbon fibre cabin, a flat-bottomed steering wheel with buttons and three dials in the binnacle – two analogue and one digital.

There’s also a column down the middle that holds the chassis control and hazard light buttons.

While the Tur still has plenty of carbon fibre, you get a lot of leather for the seats, dashboard and steering wheel. It also comes with a higher overall specification than the Agil, according to Zenvo.

Zenvo Aurora engine

This is where the Aurora gets quite spicy.

Under the bonnet is a bespoke 6.6-litre V12 engine that’s been given four turbochargers and has the help of either one or three electric motors, depending on which model you get. Both get a seven-speed hybridised automatic transmission with paddle shifters.

With the Agil, you get the one electric motor mounted to the rear axle and that gives you 1,430hp and 1,400Nm of torque. Even with the mighty rear wing and aero elements, the top speed of the Aurora Agil is estimated at 227mph, while 0-60mph takes just 2.5 seconds.

The Tur gets two additional electric motors – one in each front wheel – that add 197hp each, upping the overall output to 1,825hp. Torque is up to 1,700Nm and with the sleek shape paired with that monstrous amount of power, 0-60mph takes 2.3 seconds, while the top speed is estimated to be 280mph.

Zenvo Aurora chassis

With all that power, Zenvo has made sure the Aurora isn’t weighed down too much. The carbon fibre monocoque is teamed with carbon composite exposed sub-frame and body panels.

Having all this carbon fibre means that the Aurora weighs less than 1,300kg dry in Agil form, while the Tur gaining those extra electric motors will still weigh less than 1,450kg without liquids.

Much like an F1 car, the Aurora has push-rod suspension on the front axle, while there’s double wishbone active suspension on the rear. To aid cornering ability further, the extra electric motors on the Tur work with an e-differential to provide torque vectoring and give you better turn-in.

To make sure you stop in a reasonable distance, you get carbon ceramic brakes as standard. Those are mounted behind magnesium wheels with centre-locking wheel nuts, with 20-inch rims on the front and 21-inch units on the rear.

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Both versions of the Aurora also have active underbody aerodynamics to give you up to 880kg of downforce at 155mph on the Agil and help you reach higher speeds with the Tur.

Zenvo Aurora price and release date

With the price of hypercars continuing to rise, the Aurora is likely to start from upwards of £2m, with the Tur version commanding close to £2.5m.

Production for the Aurora starts at Zenvo’s Præstø factory in Denmark in 2025, with deliveries beginning in 2026.

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