Sacre Bleu! Bugatti’s new hypercar won’t have a W16 engine

February 29, 2024 by

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It’s been eight years since the Bugatti Chiron first graced us with its presence, and its replacement is coming this June. While it doesn’t have a name just yet, it will have a V16 engine with some electrical assistance. Read on for all you need to know. 

  • New Bugatti flagship to drop W16 engine
  • Will use a V16 instead
  • Quad turbos likely to remain
  • Power boosted using hybrid technology
  • Electric motors could come from Rimac
  • Full reveal coming this June

Bugatti is hard at work crafting its next hypercar, and the luxury brand is ditching the W16 engine. Before you all start brandishing pitchforks in Molsheim, it is still going to have 16 cylinders, only now they’re in a V shape.

That’s right, Bugatti has switched to a V16 engine. But an obscene amount of cylinders isn’t enough these days, so it’ll have a hybrid system as well for a heap of added power. You’ll have to wait until June to find out just how much power though.

New Bugatti hypercar to use a V16 engine

Having used W16 engines in its last two flagships, you might have thought Bugatti would follow the trend of downsizing for its next model. After all, Ferrari dropped the V12 engine in favour of a V8 when the SF90 replaced the LaFerrari, and it looks as though Lamborghini will go a similar way with the Huracan replacement.

Well, Bugatti has taken a different approach as, while it won’t use a W16 engine, the brand’s next hypercar will use a V16 instead. While not confirmed just yet, it’s highly likely to get a similar quad-turbo setup to the current W16, and it’s going to be a hybrid as well.

This means you can expect to see the mid-mounted engine paired up with some electric motors, almost certainly from sister company Rimac. A tri-motor layout is a possibility, with one for each front wheel and one linked to the engine like you get in a Lamborghini Revuelto.

Se how the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport performs in a drag race…

We can only estimate a power figure for now, as details are pretty thin on the ground. The new car is almost certain to have more power than the outgoing Chiron Super Sport, which put out 1,600hp. Add some electric motors and a new engine into the mix and you could have a car which gets close to a whopping 2,000hp.

A full reveal of Bugatti’s new flagship sports car is coming in June this year, so you’ll find out more about it in the leadup to the launch. A Chiron Super Sport wore a £2.75m price tag, so the new car could reach north of £3.0m.

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