Renault Megane interior

The interior of the Megane is hugely improved, compared to the old model, but can’t quite match some alternatives for build quality or clever practical features


The quality of the plastics is very good, and there's a welcome splash of colour

The interior of the Renault Megane is a good place to spend time in even if it can’t match the VW Golf for build quality and the Kia Ceed for infotainment

The plastics on the doors and dashboard feel nice and soft – not brittle and hard – but there are a few scratchy plastics down by the gear lever. That’s not particularly uncommon in small hatchbacks however.

What’s pretty unique in the Renault Megane is the arrangement of the dashboard – instead of your usual landscape touchscreen in the middle of the dash, high-spec models get a portrait touchscreen infotainment system that’s similar to the ones in more expensive cars such as the Volvo V60.

High-spec cars also get unique leather and cloth upholstery, some extra chrome trim inserts and door sill plates with ‘GT Line’ lettering. More basic models have to make do with an altogether too dark interior and cloth seats.

The portrait infotainment system looks modern and premium, but you need to pay extra for it

Mat Watson
carwow expert


Renault Megane interior and infotainment video review

Every Renault Megane comes with a touchscreen infotainment system. Entry-level and mid-range cars getting a 7.0-inch landscape touchscreen. You don’t get sat-nav on the most basic model, but there’s still Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Mid-range Megane models get TomTom-based sat nav with live traffic alerts.

If you want the cool-looking portrait-orientated touchscreen infotainment system you need to go for the top-spec Renault Megane GT Line. The 8.7-inch touchscreen system can follow swipe and pinch finger gestures, but it’s not as intuitive to browse the menus as it is in a Kia Ceed. Visual routes and directions are easy to follow, and real-world voice commands such as “turn right at the next petrol station” are a big help when you’re navigating through unfamiliar territory – the spoken directions feel a lot more human than in most other cars.

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