Volkswagen T-Roc R teased in official video

Russell Campbell
February 05, 2019

Volkswagen has released ‘spy’ video of the T-Roc R – the firm’s new high-performance small SUV – testing at the Nurburgring wearing heavy camouflage. It shares its engine and four-wheel drive system with the Volkswagen Golf R.

The preview video shows the new T-Roc R being thrashed around the famous track by the rally and former VW driver,  Petter Solberg.  By all accounts, the Norwegian is not holding back which makes the T-Roc R’s composure through a mixture of quick and slow corners all the more impressive.

The VW T-Roc R will come with stiffer suspension and larger wheels with grippier tyres than you get on the standard model. It’ll also get a four-wheel-drive system borrowed from the Golf R, which will give lots of grip – demonstrated well by this outing to the Green Hell, the nickname given to the Nurburgring on account of its challenging and slippery Tarmac.

Also carried over from the Golf R is VW’s 300hp, turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which produces that familiar growling noise in the video. It should give the T-Roc acceleration of 0-62mph in around 5.5 seconds and a limited top speed of 155mph. The former figure being helped along by the car’s seven-speed automatic gearbox, which is likely to be standard. All that makes the T-Roc R an obvious alternative to the 306hp BMW X2 M35i.

The beauty of the T-Roc R is it combines its performance with a practical body that means you have space for two tall adults with, at a push, room for two more in the back and a boot that’ll happily swallow a few suitcases. To that, the T-Roc R model adds a pair of heavily bolstered front sports seats, subtle R badges and sporty trim pieces.

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