What do Audi’s new engine badges mean?

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Audi has introduced new two-digit engine badges that show how much power each model produces. Use our guide to make sense of the changes

Audi has launched a new engine badging system that’s left a few fans scratching their heads. Engine badges typically show the engine’s size or power, but Audi has ditched this in favour of a two-digit structure to denote the amount of power the car produces.

The numbers don’t seem to relate to the car’s actual horsepower figure, so use our table below to make sense of it all. It’ll be phased in with the introduction of the new Audi A8 and cover the entire range by summer 2018. Sporty S versions and high performance RS models are not affected by these changes.

What are Audi’s new badges?

If you buy a new Audi after summer 2018, it’ll have a two-digit number between 25 and 70 on the back, rather than outgoing size designations such as 1.4 TFSI or 3.0 TDI. In practice, this means a 116hp Q2 1.6 TDI will now be badged a Q2 30 TDI. Here’s a table that goes some way to explaining what each badge means:

Audi’s new engine badges
Badge number Power output
25 80kW and under (up to 106hp)
30 81kW to 91kW (107hp to 127hp)
35 110kW to 120kW (145hp to 159hp)
40 125kW to 150kW (165hp to 198hp)
45 169kW to 185kW (223hp to 244hp)
50 210kW to 230kW (278hp to 304hp)
55 245kW to 275kW (324hp to 363hp)
60 320kW to 340kW (423hp to 449hp)
70  400kW and above (529hp and above)

Confusingly, there are gaps between horsepower categories that mean some of Audi’s current range doesn’t appear to fit into any of these groups. For example, a 3.0-litre A6 BiTDI produces 320hp – not enough to earn a ’55’ badge, but too much for a ’50’. Likewise, the entire Q7 range doesn’t seem to fit in.

The Q7 e-tron hybrid has 258hp, putting it outside Audi’s new engine categories

Why is Audi changing its badges?

Audi says the new badges will help make more sense of its range as it introduces more hybrid and electric cars – their figures don’t always compare clearly to traditionally fuelled cars. Equally, more advanced engine tech and the fact many modern engines are turbocharged means an engine’s physical size isn’t as relevant as it used to be – many manufacturers offer the same-sized engine in different power outputs depending on the level of performance you want.

The two-digit naming system will be introduced with the new A8 in autumn 2017

What does this mean for customers?

In reality, nothing – Audi isn’t changing the engines it uses, just the badges it fits. If you’re still not a fan of the idea, Audi offers the option to delete any badging when you place your order.

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