The best all-weather cars

December 03, 2021 by

Plenty of cars on sale will make light work of a family trip to the beach while others can traipse up an icy country lane without breaking a sweat.

We’ve collected a list of the best all-season cars on sale that’ll do everything and get you home safely whatever the weather.

VW T-Roc

The VW T-roc makes an excellent all-weather alternative to the likes of the Golf. Not only is it larger – so your passengers won’t be fighting over shoulder room – but it comes with a bigger boot than the Golf so there’s plenty of space to carry enough buckets and spades to empty the beach of sand.

Another feature you won’t find in a Golf is the T-Roc’s optional four-wheel-drive system and adaptive suspension. The former helps make sure you have plenty of grip in seriously slippery conditions while the latter helps iron out all but the most monstrous potholes so long journeys won’t feel quite so tiring.

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Land Rover Discovery

Few cars are quite as happy in the muddy stuff as a Land Rover, and the family-oriented Discovery is no exception. It comes with a clever four-wheel-drive system that’ll happily haul you across muddy or snow-covered fields and some punchy diesel engines that’ll tow a heavy trailer with ease.

Throw into the mix a practical interior with seven comfortable seats, a boot that’ll swallow more than enough luggage for a long summer holiday and you’ve got yourself a go-anywhere vehicle that won’t be flummoxed by a muddy farm track.

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Renault Kadjar

The Renault Kadjar might not look particularly rough-and-ready, but it comes with a very practical cabin and an impressively big boot for a car this size. It doesn’t have quite the same off-road prowess as the Land Rover but models with the optional four-wheel drive fitted won’t leave you high and dry in the testing winter months.

If long-distance summer roadtrips are more your thing, the Kadjar comes with a range of frugal diesel engines that’ll help make sure you’ve got more than enough spare change left over for a few ice creams once you arrive.

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Peugeot 3008

The Peugeot 3008’s imposing looks mean it does a much better job of standing out on the school run than most family cars. Don’t go thinking this means it’s all style no substance, however. It comes with a roomy boot with a clever design that means you can pack in more luggage than in most cars its size.

Sadly, you can’t get it with four-wheel drive but you can get it with what Peugeot calls its Advanced Grip Control – a feature that helps stop you getting stuck on muddy, sandy and even snowy surfaces by sending power to whichever wheel has the most grip.

Head over to our detailed Peugeot 3008 review for further details.

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Skoda Karoq

The Skoda Karoq makes a great all-weather alternative to the likes of the smaller Octavia thanks to its raised ride height and optional four-wheel drive that’ll help stop you getting bogged down in heavy snow or sliding helplessly in slippery conditions.

It doesn’t have quite as big a boot as the Octavia but it’s taller body means there’s more space inside for adults to get comfortable and its smart-looking cabin comes with bundles of clever storage bins to help you keep it looking neat and tidy – even after a few long hours on the road with some impatient kids in the back.

For the in-depth carwow verdict, read our full Skoda Karoq review.

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