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Best cars for less than £150 per month

If you’re looking for a cheap mode of transport then our list of car leases for under £150 a month could hold the answer. Paying a modest monthly payment for a new car makes a lot of sense – it buys you a car that’ll be cheap to run and tax, and reliable. That last point will resonate if you’ve ever owned a second-hand car that bombards you with unexpected bills. Plus, once your lease agreement is over you don’t have to worry about selling it on – you simply hand back the keys and move one. Keep reading for our guide to the best cars you can have for £150 a month.

Skoda Citigo leases for under £150 a month

The Skoda Citigo (main pic) is one of the best car leases for under £150 a month currently available and the best city car currently on sale. The plucky little Skoda is yours for a deposit of £1,217, 48 monthly payments of £135 and an 8,000-mile-a-year cap. That buys you a car in SE trim with 14-inch alloy wheels, air conditioning and an infotainment screen that is compatible with the maps on your smartphone. As it names alludes to, the tiny Citigo is at its best in the city and it has just enough space to accommodate four adults and week’s worth of shopping. Its 60hp 1.0-litre petrol engine is not blessed with lots of power but it is very cheap to run, and the Skoda is surprisingly quiet and stable at motorway speeds.

Volkswagen Up leases for under £150 a month

The Volkswagen Up uses the same parts as the Skoda Citigo so it’s no surprise to find it’s also one of the best car leases for under £150. For £135 a month over 48 months (a deposit of £1,243 and a mileage limit of 8,000 miles per annum) you can have a 1.0-litre 60hp VW Up in Move Up trim. Move Up gets you air conditioning and 15-inch alloy wheels, although it’s worth spending a little extra to be able to use your phone’s maps on the car’s infotainment screen. The Up is tiny, yet it has room for four adults and some shopping. Its size makes it brilliant in town, easy to park and its small petrol engine is very cheap to run. It’s also one of the best cars of its type for motorway driving.

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Skoda Octavia leases for under £150 a month

The Skoda Octavia is one of the best car leases for under £150 you can choose if you’re looking for a family car. It’s yours for a deposit of £1,287 and 24 monthly payments of £143 with an 8,000-mile annual mileage limit. That buys you a well-equipped SE Technology model with a 115hp 1.0-litre petrol engine that’s cheap to run and quick enough for the motorway. Kit includes sat-nav and adaptive cruise control. The latter can accelerate and brake the car for you when you’re following traffic in lane on the motorway – making long drives significantly more relaxing. Factor in its generous passenger space, huge boot and durable build quality and the Octavia really does have everything a family needs.

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Kia Picanto leases for under £150 a month

The Kia Picanto is one of the best car leases for under £150 you can choose if you drive in the city. You can have a basic Picanto from as little as £125 a month, but it’s worth upping your budget to £144 a month for 28 months (with a deposit of £1,329 and an 8,000-mile annual mileage cap). That buys you a GT Line model with an 84hp 1.25-litre petrol engine. GT Line models look sporty because they have 16-inch alloy wheels, twin exhaust pipes and sporty bumpers with red trim. Inside, you get faux leather upholstery, front and rear electric windows, and an infotainment system that’s compatible with the sat-nav app on your smartphone. The Picanto’s five doors give you great access to the interior and you’ll be able to squeeze in three tall passengers and a few shopping bags. It’s cheap to run and brilliant in town, but the 84hp engine means it can also cope with faster motorway traffic.

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Skoda Fabia leases for under £150 a month

You can have a Skoda Fabia from as little as £126 per month, but it’s worth paying a little extra. Spend £148 a month (for 48 months), pay a deposit of £1,329 and stick to an 8,000-mile per annum mileage limit and you can get yourself a Fabia with a 95hp 1.0-TSI petrol engine in Color Edition trim. In this spec, the Fabia is cheap to run but also powerful enough not to feel out its depth on the motorway. Colour Edition cars standout courtesy of a contrast roof and painted 16-inch alloy wheels, while equipment includes cruise control, air-conditioning and a 6.5-inch sat-nav screen that is compatible with your smartphone. In terms of practicality, the Fabia’s boot is bigger than most cars’ this size and it has enough space for tall adults in the back.

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