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The best cars with WiFi internet hotspots

March 17, 2016 by

Can’t survive without the internet? Nope, us neither. Thankfully, lots of new cars can keep us connected even when on the move with onboard WiFi internet hotspots. Aside from keeping up with Instagram, there are loads of practical uses – live traffic updates, weather reports and even the ability to contact the emergency services in the event of an accident. We’ve taken a look at some of the best cars with internet hotspots you can buy. If any of these cars take your fancy, take a look at our new car deals page to see the discounts carwow could help you get. Want to mirror your phone’s screen in your car? Check out the cars that feature Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Audi – Audi Connect

The Audi Connect WiFi system is simple to set up – buy an online-enabled SIM card, plug it in and you get access to a wide range of online apps via the MMI infotainment system. Once online, Audi drivers can keep up to speed with live traffic updates, weather forecasts, parking and traffic info, and even the latest happenings on social media. The full Audi range is at least optionally available with WiFi hotspots, while the system in the A3 is the most comprehensive of all, granting users the ability to handle emails, text messages and even use Twitter. Try out the Audi A3 deals page to see how much money you could save on a new car.

BMW – Car Hotspot LTE

Thanks to its ability to allow up to eight devices to simultaneously connect, BMW’s Car Hotspot LTE is one of the best WiFi enabled systems for the easily distracted. The majority of the current BMW lineup boasts the facility to install a SIM card, which connects to the car’s external antenna for a strong signal. Located within the front centre armrest of most models, the system is removable and, thanks to its own battery source, can be used as a wireless hotspot away from the car. As a dealer-fit accessory, Car Hotspot LTE can be retrofitted to second-hand cars too.

Lexus – Lexus Hotspot

Thanks to an onboard SIM card reader, Lexus Hotspot allows for up to five WiFi-ready devices to be connected at any one time, providing a secure and fast internet connection while on the move. A dealer-fit accessory, the system is available throughout the current range including the NX SUV. In order to make regular connectivity more straightforward, Lexus Hotspot remembers previously-connected devices to make subsequent connections easy. Head over to the Lexus NX deals page to see the latest discounts available.

Mercedes – InCar Hotspot

Thanks to InCar Hotspot, occupants of many of Mercedes’ latest range have access to the internet on the move, at speeds of up to 7.2 megabits per second. Available for high-end models like the E-Class, CLS and GLE, the onboard wireless network allows up to four devices to be connected simultaneously. InCar hotspot includes a web browser functionality (only operational when the vehicle is stationary), web radio, and access to RSS feeds which, if needed, can be read to the driver out loud. Check out the Mercedes CLS deals page to find the latest savings.

Tesla Model S – WiFi

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise to find out that Tesla – one of the most forward-thinking, tech-savvy car manufacturers – offers a standard-fit WiFi hotspot. Inside the Tesla Model S’ cabin, all occupants (up to seven in total) can browse the internet on any wireless device while the driver has access to a sat nav system with real-time traffic updates through the 17-inch touchscreen on the dash. The system comes at a minimal cost to buyers, thanks to seven years’ free subscription.

Toyota – Touch 2 with Go Plus

Unlike some of the other systems here, Toyota Touch 2 with Go Plus doesn’t have a facility to directly install a SIM card into the vehicle – it instead needs an internet-enabled mobile device to create its wireless network. Register your Touch 2 system with Toyota and you’ll be able to access a wide range of apps via the touchscreen infotainment system. Installed apps include fuel station locations and prices, weather reports and even local parking space availability. Touch 2 with Go Plus is offered on some of Toyota’s larger models, including high-end versions of the Auris, Avensis and the new Prius. Why not try the Toyota Prius deals page? From there, you’ll be able to discover the latest savings on the super-frugal hybrid.

Vauxhall – OnStar

Vauxhall’s OnStar system is found on some of the most affordable cars on our list – it’s even offered as standard on some versions of the Viva city car. In addition, it’s one of the most all-encompassing WiFi options on the market. That’s because OnStar isn’t simply a wireless hotspot, but a connected service designed to help the driver. In the event of a technical issue, a call centre operative can offer assistance at any time and, in the event of an accident, they can contact the emergency services. If the vehicle is stolen, OnStar can track its whereabouts precisely and inform the police. A smartphone app can monitor diagnostic processes like tyre pressure and oil levels, and even program the sat nav. The first year’s subscription to OnStar is free, and subsequent years cost an annual rate of £79 with internet connectivity charged on top of that. Spec up a Vauxhall Viva through our deals page to see the savings on offer.

Volvo – Volvo On Call

Like many of the other internet-enabled systems here, Volvo On Call is a subscription-based service, which requires drivers to buy their own SIM card to get online. Available throughout the Volvo range, On Call allows users to monitor the car’s vital signs like fuel level and service intervals through a mobile app. The same smartphone functionality offers the function to lock or unlock the car doors from anywhere – perfect if you regularly forget to lock up – and can inform the owner if the car thinks it is being stolen. Want to save money on a new car? Head over to the Volvo XC90 deals page to find all of the latest offers.

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